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  1. alright, not sure WHY it didn't work the first time - but impossible to know at this point. Found this command and it did the trick for anyone who may run into this issue in the future! In terminal from the web console (or ssh): rsync -avh --progress Source/ Destination/ One that's done (and you've verified the data looks good!) delete the data from the shares.
  2. yeah, disabled dockers/vm's and started mover - nada. What's the best method to move it? maybe a fancy rsync command?
  3. Yep, I did that for the first move. Would disabling it all again and trying again maybe work/help?
  4. Hi! So I did a big upgrade of hardware this weekend which included updating to new cache drives - so I set the share to prefer cache to "Yes" ran the mover and it moved everything back to the array. Perfect. Then I created the new cache drives and switched the shares back to "Prefer", hit the mover and a few hours later, things were back. Well, most of the things. There's many many files left on the array still and running the mover again does nothing. Any ideas why a bunch of stuff on the same share (say appdata) won't move? How can I move it - using Krusader or something is pretty difficult as nearly all of the folders were created on the cache - so it'd be a painfully manual move... Thanks! Matt running unraid 6.7.2
  5. So, turns out that 3950 is damn near impossible to acquire, so I’ve “settled” on a 3900x which should arrive today. I’ll see if I can get the IOMMU groups here soon!
  6. Anybody have any fun updates to share on this? My CPU arrives today - will be dropping it in an ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero. Would love to hear from anybody with this setup! thanks! Matt
  7. Hey, I've got that board (no wifi version) with a placeholder (3200G) CPU until I can track down a 3950x - only have Windows on it right now, but if you can tell me how to list the groups from Windows - happy to post em later!
  8. yeah, I'm aware of the massive Nest changes - but none of them have hit yet. That's all happening later this year (and now they've sort of rescinded and are saying existing API use will not be disabled - you just can't make any new ones) So... that doesn't quite explain it. Curious if anyone else using this docker still has Nest working?
  9. And while I'm at it, has anybody figured out how to configure the Homebridge docker to see the log from the Homebridge gui?
  10. I've narrowed it down to the Nest plugin. No changes whatsoever related to my Nest config - anybody have any ideas? I've completely removed the docker/nuked its appdata folder and completely rebuilt. Same issue - if I remove nest it works great. WTF! lol I've even issued a new api token! Anybody hear of any issues with Nest? I can't seem to find much... thanks all!
  11. these are the 3 errors. the one from my OP just reads as text (not colored). thanks!
  12. is this what you're looking for? the error would be the last line - takes awhile to show up so it's not in this one. thanks! homebridge.log
  13. I'm getting this after updating homebridge: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. and... it was a bad flash drive! Transferred the config folder and I'm all back up and running.
  15. It's not coming back up after rebooting sadly. Not home at the moment, so can't see what's happening. Will update when I can see what's happening.