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Hardware for Unraid Build

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Hello everyone, 


I am at the point of needing to make a NAS storage server and am looking into using unraid. I put the following hardware together: 



Would this be compatible with unraid? I looked at the FAQ and besides ECC memory, I think this would be ok for a SOHO environment? This is basically for storage only with the possibility of small headless VMs running low intensity applications. The motherboard supports 8 drives but I only need 20TB right now and third drive would be for parity. Not a big fan of all the RGB stuff, but trying to build this on a budget. After hardware and drives I am at ~$1300.00. 


Any thoughts would be great. 



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Hello, it looks like a great set up but I would point out that that CPU does not have graphics so you would need a GPU. Have you concidered AMD? 

maybe concider this one https://www.newegg.com/global/uk-en/Product/Productcompare?CompareItemList=9SIA85V9ME7657%2C19-118-022 it is more expensive but it includes a cooler and graphics which will save you money now and you can upgrade later.


I currently run a poweredge R515 server for Plex 

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I'm in the "buy used server hardware" camp (see sig) so that's my "opinion" on the hardware. :)

As for the drives, you can get shuckable WD 10TB disks for half the cost of those reds.

https://www.newegg.com/black-wd-elements-10tb/p/N82E16822234350?Description=WD 10TB&cm_re=WD_10TB-_-22-234-350-_-Product

(yes, I know the sale ends in 8 hours, but that's about what they've been running for, sometimes a bit cheaper.)


My opinion is, as always, what you paid for it. :D 

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Thank ya'll for your replies. I will take a look at AMD and see. I usually prefer AMD but I thought I saw somewhere on this forum where Intel was recommended. I didn't think about the additional cost of the cooler either. 


Thanks again!

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This is what I finally decided to go with: 



Changed from Intel and AMD and decided to use onboard graphics. One less thing I need in the case. Also changed the case from the original build. 

I looked at "shuckable" drives, but I decided to go with the NAS drives. I know they are more expensive, but they are designed for this application and this is not for a home build. It will be used in a small business environment. Mainly as plan storage for backups and image files. 


I also purchased a "slim" 8gb USB 2.0 SanDisk Cruzer Fit flash drive for the OS media to boot. 


Thanks again everyone. I will report back when I have it together. 

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