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Sys log analysis - ACPI BIOS Error

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New to the Unraid system and forum, enjoying what I see and got a new install on some old hardware. Not seeing any major issues when running Unraid V6.7.2 but do have some errors in the sys log file, which I would appreciate any feedback on.


Just recently installed a DELL PERC H200 SAS controller card in the machine, flashed it to LSI firmware and removed the BIOS from the card. All seems to work well with my 7 WD drives attached to it, although still feel the read/write speeds are not great, would appreciate any guidance on tweaks or settings for drives. Generally seems to be slow transfer speeds when copying files off the array and on to USB 3 portable drive. Maybe its limitations of spinning disks but seems like a slow rate when using Krusader to transfer files around.


Log files attached, appreciate any feedback.




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What speeds are you getting that you are considering slow?   Note that writing to the array is normally significantly slower than reading from it.

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When copying files across (reading from array writing to unassigned portable USB 3 drive) it varies as the transfer progresses but can drop as low as 20Mib/s and as high as 80Mib/s as reported in Krusader.

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On 1/15/2020 at 12:55 PM, itimpi said:

What speeds are you getting that you are considering slow?   Note that writing to the array is normally significantly slower than reading from it.


I have run some more file transfers this evening for the disk copy speeds that I am seeing.


I have a dummy 10Gib file which I have copied to the array (cached and moved to array folders) and then copied to another folder on the array and also copied it to a USB 2.0 connected drive. I don't currently have my USB 3.0 Drive to hand, which I have previously used.


When copying from one array folder to another, the transfer fluctuates wildly over the duration of the transfer, going from as low as 438.9KiB/s and to as high as 110.4MiB/s as seen below (Array1 & Array2.png)


Copying the same file to the USB 2 connected drive, gives a transfer time of 03:28 for a 10GiB file and generally copied across at 43GiB/s but did peak at the start to 90GiB/s, as seen below (USB Start.png)


I understand the typical HDD has a memory buffer which is why the speeds are greater at the start, but the wild fluctuations when copying from one array folder to another seems like it is filling the buffer and then emptying and just cycling through that process. Is there anything to help smooth it out?


Running the controller benchmarking in Diskspeed indicates the SAS controller is good and the disks perform well.


Any advice would be appreciated on the drives and any info on the Sys log "kernel: ACPI BIOS Error" would be good.








to USB start.PNG


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