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Rebuild slow plus a drive with lots of errors...

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Hi everyone,


I am running 5.0 Beta13 - I have been running this for ever and it was working fine until a few days ago.

 One of the drive went "missing".


I decided to replace the drive and rebuild. So far so good. 


2TB drive -the rebuild went well until about 68% (1.36TB) rebuilt. Now it is sloooooow as hell (34.45KB /sec). 

I notice that during the rebuild a second drive came up with LOTS of errors (475597 errors) - so I guess I have another drive that decided to go bye bye.


I am not sure that I can rebuild the original drive since the other one with error seem to slow down the rebuild to an impossible timeframe (304,305 minutes remaining).


Is there a way to rebuild two drives? (my thinking is no, but...)


Any brilliant ideas to help me here?


FWIW - I only store data on particular drives - the data is not spread across multiple drives.




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Crap - that disk5 just failed and disappeared from the list...


Now I have two drives that failed...


Here is the syslog...


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Based on the syslog disk5 appears to be failing but it would be good to see the SMART report, power down check connections, power back on and if it comes back online post a SMART report:


smartctl -x /dev/sdX > /boot/disk5.txt


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Disk5 has died... it no longer is accessible.


I am now in a situation where 2 disks have died two days apart...


I am screwed.

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PS - I downloaded LinuxReader and tried to access either one of these disks separately outside UnRAID. They can't be accessed - they are truly dead. 

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Only option is doing a new config with remaining drives, at least you'll only lose data from 2 disks, I would also take the opportunity to upgrade to v6, dual parity and/or system notifications could have saved you here.

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