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[6.8.1] MSI x470 wont boot without GPU

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Hello all,

Pure newb here. I finished my first home media server today. I installed my 1070ti from my gaming rig to install Unraid and went in to the server remotely from my laptop. After confirming it was online and working I shut it down and removed the GPU. I am getting a VGA post error according to the LED's on the motherboard when trying to boot. Is there any way to bypass the boot halt with out installing a GPU? I have intentions too soon but would like to do some configuring in the mean time. The motherboard is an MSI X470 Gaming Plus.

Thanks for any help.

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I would start by checking the BIOS to see if there is a setting which allows headless operation.  You might have to read the MB manual. (You might want to check on the manufacturer's website to see if there is an expanded MB/BIOS manual and for a possible BIOS update.) 

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I have reviewed the manual and did not see anything that stood out that would pertain to this issue. I will also review the MSI website.


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Consumer grade motherboards tend to need a graphics card if there's no GPU integrated into the processor. I'd suggest getting a cheap, low spec video card just to keep it happy. Even if you don't intend keeping a monitor attached it's very useful to be able to do so temporarily for troubleshooting. You can get something like a Radeon HD 6450 or a GeForce GT 710 for less than $£€40.

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