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Hi there.


I've been using seafile with docker for a few weeks now. I like it a lot. Got it set up using nginx proxy manager so I can access it from outside via ssl. It's perfect, actually. If it weren't for the missing search function in the basic edition. Unfortunately this is only available in the pro edition.


Now to my question, how can I install the seafile pro edition in unraid?


thank you all

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This came up in a google search so thought I'd post this even if the reply is likely too late for the OP


7.x is compose based but they have a repo with the last version of the all in one 6.x


I was using cli but you can make a template using this pretty easily
docker run -d --name sf7 -p 8000:8000 -e SEAFILE_SERVER_HOSTNAME=<url_here> -e SEAFILE_ADMIN_EMAIL=<admin_email> -e SEAFILE_ADMIN_PASSWORD=<passwd> -e SEAFILE_SERVER_LETSENCRYPT=false -v <storage_here>:/opt/seafile-data docker.seadrive.org/seafileltd/seafile-pro:latest


They use a private docker hub.. instructions below


There's also a community all in one 7.x but I couldn't get it to work correctly for PRO just CE

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