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  1. so I tested the blog a bit and everything runs well and smoothie. The only part I get a server timeout 504 is when I try to print as pdf. There is a plugin for that. Can I change some settings somehow? greg
  2. Thank you so much. Everything is working now You made my day happier !! gregor
  3. Ahaa..... you mean over wp.mydomain.com? Ok. I'll try... Thx
  4. I installed the wp-docker and connected it to a db on the maria-db docker. In the LAN (i'm outside over VPN) i got Access via to website and admin site. In NginxProxyManager I made a subdomain wp.mydomain.com with ssl and forwarded to Unfortunately I can't access. That's all I did.
  5. Hi there I have a fresh installation of wordpress docker. Everything is working inside mit network over http. As soon as I try to get https access from outside via NginxProxyManager, it doesn't work. Even when I try over http. Is there something to configurate in the config files from WP? Thx gregor
  6. Hi all This is a never ending story. I tried nearly everything to connect the onlyoffice document server (docker) with my nextcloud (docker) installation. Nextcloud is running perfect on a unraid server 6.9.0-beta22. But I really can't connect OnlyOffice. Installed succesfully the document server. Tested from outside over https://onlyoffice.my-domain.com The sub domain is from Nginx Proxy Manager Then I edit the service address in settings/onlyoffice to https://onlyoffice.my-domain.com/ But there is just turning around the cyrcle..... Does anyone know whats going on here? Thank you for any help in advance. grego
  7. there were many performance problems especially with pictures. And the support in the forum is crap.
  8. Hi dunnno FileRun looks nice but it has many big problems. The main thing is, that just one person makes support. His forum name is Vlad R. I changed to nextcloud again and it runs since about 4 months without problems. greg
  9. Thanks for that Squid. It works wunderfull
  10. Hi there I'm using nextcloud in a docker container and want do run a command inside the container with the plugin user script. The command: sudo -u abc php7 /config/www/nextcloud/occ preview:generate-all -vvv How can I add it in a user script on unraid to run it in the container? any help is greatly appreciated. cracksilver
  11. Thanks for that. It works for me aswell. Does anyone know the correct string in /etc/fstab ? greg
  12. Very cool Djoss now it works great. Thank you so much. nice to have people they know such thinks. wish you a nice weekend. Grego
  13. When I download from my remote unraid server
  14. Hi there I allway have problem when i'm working with big files or huge folders. Then I get Server Error 504. Know I thin I should expend the timeout period in the proxy. Does anyone know how or where to do that? Any help is much appreciated. Greg
  15. Hi there After spending a long time making nextcloud faster (memcache, redis, database optimization, etc.) and more usable, I am now on my way to switch to FileRun. I installed FileRun on my local unraid server with the help of this guide. And I have to say, I am thrilled with the ease of use and especially the speed of the system. Nothing in compare to nextcloud. My next step is, install on my remote Unraid server. Now I wanted to ask if anyone here has long term experience with FileRun? What about updates for example? How is the support if something is not working? Even this screenshot I just put in to the files with ctrl-v. Just amazing how user-friendly it is... The search function is great. You can search with over 20 attributes. Everything is working out of the box. Regards Greg