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  1. cracksilver

    HBA for unraid

    Hi there This one might work for you as well. Cheers greg
  2. cracksilver

    NAS build for photo/video archive

    Sounds very good. Go for it. You'll be very happy with unRaid. Greg
  3. thanks. I clicked around everywhere but was not holding
  4. how can I set the thread to "solved"'
  5. It's working! I hadn't plugged the plug all the way into the socket. the click was missing... Sorry for running around for me and thank you very much.
  6. Thx for this fast reply. diagnostic. Zip is attached in thr previous post. What do you mean with the cables. I connected a "normal" cable. This one https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/3ware-cbl-sff8087ocf-10m-sff-8087-zu-4-x-sata-1m-server-zubehoer-289454 Gesendet von meinem ONEPLUS A5000 mit Tapatalk
  7. Hi there I installed a sas-9207-4i4e controller (got it for free with the server) in my HP MIcrosserver Gen8 and connected a 3TB hard disk. In ILO I can see the storage controller. In unRAID I don't see a hard disk under unassigned devices. Do I have to install an additional driver or activate something else? Or can I check at least the drivers somehow? Note: The HD works if it is connected directly to the SATA port of the server. Added config zip screenshot from ILO Thanks for any advice gregor tower-diagnostics-20190207-1552.zip
  8. cracksilver

    Size of vdisk.img

    Timemachine manages the backups by its own, it means that tm deletes the oldest backups if there is no space on vdisk2.img anymore. So I hope it works. At least it does it in a "normal" environment.
  9. cracksilver

    Size of vdisk.img

    Thanks. Good to know. It is on a 1.5 TB Disk. Gesendet von meinem ONEPLUS A5000 mit Tapatalk
  10. cracksilver

    Size of vdisk.img

    Hi there I have tried a lot to make timemachine backups directly in an unraid share. Unfortunately all attempts failed sometime. Sometimes it didn't work, sometimes it didn't work after 2 days. It just wasn't supposed to be. Because I also know Rockstor and know the timemachine backups works there out of the box and absolutely reliable I was looking for a solution. But I don't want to run an extra server with rockstor. Now I have rockstor running successfully in a VM. The start partition in vdisk1.img and the data disk in vdisk2.img. The vdisk2 has a size of over 600 GB. Is that basically ok or will I have problems due to the size at some point? If that's not ok, can I solve it in unraid by creating multiple vdisks which are then combined in rockstor as stripe? What do you think about this topic, has someone solved it similarly? thank you in advance. greg
  11. cracksilver

    Kernel Panic after key registration

    yes that's true. Today actually I just wanted to add another disk so I had to power down. Wanted to start again (with the old USB-Stick) and the problem was the same, after 3 or 4 weeks running without any problem. No I have a Transcend JetFlash 600 4GB Stick. I hope this is the better choice The Gen8 is a nice Server without any issues. I like the small form factor and ILO. Tommorrow I'll install a Host Bus Adapter SAS 9207-4i4e. It gives me connection to another few drives in a extern case and internal connection for a 2.5" in the CD-Rom cage.
  12. cracksilver

    Kernel Panic after key registration

    Just for information. Today I changed the USB Stick with a new one. Had to switch off anyway while adding harddisks. Everything works again. Keychange was a easy 2 min thing. Thanks again for help. gregor
  13. cracksilver

    Kernel Panic after key registration

    Changed USB Stick (not a new one) and installed it. Copied the config folder over and started again. Not shure if this message has something to do: Server is running again. Array doesn´t start because of the wrong key. I´ll wait for the new stick for updating the right one.
  14. cracksilver

    Kernel Panic after key registration

    I will try another USB-Port as soon as kids sleeping just for test. The stick I will change anyway when the new one is inhouse...
  15. cracksilver

    Kernel Panic after key registration

    Thank you for your answer. Exactly, the Usb stick appears as an unassigned drive in between and then comes back again. a very bad sign in my opinion. I have tried and changed a lot in the last few weeks since I started using unraid and finally discarded it again. All this has probably left traces and contributes to the current behavior of the server. My goal is to install a completely new unRAID. As soon as my new stick is delivered. The only things that remain are my data and my shares. So the disk array should be taken over. It runs otherwise only a resilio docker, which I can reinstall. I can also reinstall the CA app and so on.