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  1. Thanks for that Squid. It works wunderfull
  2. Hi there I'm using nextcloud in a docker container and want do run a command inside the container with the plugin user script. The command: sudo -u abc php7 /config/www/nextcloud/occ preview:generate-all -vvv How can I add it in a user script on unraid to run it in the container? any help is greatly appreciated. cracksilver
  3. Thanks for that. It works for me aswell. Does anyone know the correct string in /etc/fstab ? greg
  4. Very cool Djoss now it works great. Thank you so much. nice to have people they know such thinks. wish you a nice weekend. Grego
  5. When I download from my remote unraid server
  6. Hi there I allway have problem when i'm working with big files or huge folders. Then I get Server Error 504. Know I thin I should expend the timeout period in the proxy. Does anyone know how or where to do that? Any help is much appreciated. Greg
  7. Hi there After spending a long time making nextcloud faster (memcache, redis, database optimization, etc.) and more usable, I am now on my way to switch to FileRun. I installed FileRun on my local unraid server with the help of this guide. And I have to say, I am thrilled with the ease of use and especially the speed of the system. Nothing in compare to nextcloud. My next step is, install on my remote Unraid server. Now I wanted to ask if anyone here has long term experience with FileRun? What about updates for example? How is the support if something is not working? Even this screenshot I just put in to the files with ctrl-v. Just amazing how user-friendly it is... The search function is great. You can search with over 20 attributes. Everything is working out of the box. Regards Greg
  8. Hi there I'm using LMS with PiCore Player since mid january and can say I really like it. It is fast, has a nice design and works without any break. No updates every second day like sonos. Im really happy with it. Indeed I have about 6 players they are running PiCore. 2 of them are old Logitech Hardware and 4 with Raspberry 3b+. I sold all the sonos stuff for more ore less good money The only thing I could not solve right now, is remote connection when LMS is running on my remote unraid server in the servercenter. I just don't get a connection over NginxProxManager. I tried a few things but have no solution for that. best regards greg
  9. cracksilver


    Hi there. I know it a bit Time sice the last post. But can anyone tell something about longtime experience with filerun? I really like the design, it remember me at google drive a bit. Best regards Greg
  10. Hi there. I've been using seafile with docker for a few weeks now. I like it a lot. Got it set up using nginx proxy manager so I can access it from outside via ssl. It's perfect, actually. If it weren't for the missing search function in the basic edition. Unfortunately this is only available in the pro edition. Now to my question, how can I install the seafile pro edition in unraid? thank you all greg
  11. Hi again Is there nobody uses seafile pro in this forum? any help would be appreciated. Thank you. greg
  12. Hi there. I've been using seafile for a few weeks now. I like it a lot. Got it set up using nginx proxy manager so I can access it from outside via ssl. It's perfect, actually. If it weren't for the missing search function in the basic edition. Unfortunately this is only available in the pro edition. Now to my question, how can I install the seafile pro edition in unraid? thank you all greg
  13. Thank you all for your inputs. Seems I have started an interesting project :-) wanted to start this for a long time. Use sonos for about 14 years. But in my eyes it has become very annoying with time. All the updates and changes that are made over and over again. Registration was not mandatory in the early years. I got my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and the HifiBerry Audio DAC+ Light this morning ;-) Of course I installed PiCorePlayer and tried it out. The LMS runs on my unRAID server which is at home. Later I want to try to install the LSM server on my unRAID in the data center to access it from outside via the NginxProxyManager. I have connected my 2 KRK Rokit 4 active speakers to the new PCP computer. I must say that sounds very good. I have also successfully tested a synchronization with 2 Macs. Everything seems to go in the right direction. Next I will build a Raspberry with a HIFIBERRY AMP2 and test it with normal speakers. If this works as successful as it should, there is a third model i want to check, the standalone wireless speaker. But I am still looking for the 3 way speakers in the right size with a nice design. What I really like about the LMS is the response time and the fast synchronization between the server and the control apps. Even if several apps are open, they always show the same thing within the shortest possible time. For the operation on the mobile phone I have the free Squeezer App and the Orange Squeeze App. I like Orange Squeeze better. The handling on the Mac via the web interface from the last century is rather tedious, but it works. Maybe I can find something better... greg PS: does anyone know an active forum for this things?
  14. Hi jademonkee Thanks for the detailed description. My goal is to replace Sonos with selfmade opensource multiroom devices. On the one hand there are 6 loudspeakers and 4 amps which hang on loudspeakers. Basically we listen to internet radio and music is streamed from the Unraid Share. I would like to implement the players (clients) with raspberry. The server should (if possible) run on unraid. That's why I came across the LMS. I know it is an outdated server but I have not found any other music server that is multiroom capable and runs on unraid. Airsonic is sensational. But unfortunately not multi-room capable. As far as the client software is concerned, I have read through the internet for a few nights. There are some players. PiCorePlayer psmusicbox.com volumio.org runeaudio.com mopidy I don't yet know which ones are currently being developed and which ones are really good. I am only at the beginning of this project. I have been using Sonos for 14 years, but this update strategy is getting annoying. I ordered a PI board and a DAC today. You have to start somewhere best wishes greg
  15. Hi there Does anyone know if this LMS Docker can connected/used with piCorePlayer as a client? https://www.picoreplayer.org/ Would like to sell my sonos system and run a few selfmade boxes with piCorePlayer OS. Greg
  16. Made a proxyhost proxy.mydomain.com It doesn´t work. Tried with Unraid IP and Docker IP No way. All other subdomains on this unraid server runs perfect. But not the Nginx Proxy Manager Made the following: Get no connection to the app. EDIT: made the same with nginx.mydomain.com and it works. Don´t no why but it works perfectly now. Thank you anyway
  17. Hi. Thank you. Now everything is working with domains and subdomains over ssl. But I can't access to the web UI over https. It just works over http. Is there a config where i can change this? Greg
  18. Hi to all Thank you for this wundefull peace of software. I am convinced that it also works wonderfully. Unfortunately I still can't get anything going. I try to make port forwarding on my test server. Of course I can only work with Ip's here at home. Unfortunately without any success. Probably I am making basic mistakes... My next goal is to reach Seafile on my puplic unraid server (public IP) over https with Let´s Encrypt. I didn't want to configure my productive server on the net with public IP for understandable reasons. If I have to do this directly on this server, here are some questions. I would appreciate if someone could answer them. - Does this really only work on a publicly accessible server and only with domain names not with IPs? - What must be entered in the DNS settings at the domain provider? A-Record, CNAME? - is there a manual somewhere? What I have to say, on this server I only have the port range 8000 to 8800 available. There are other servers running on this site that use other ports. But I can forward these ports freely to the unraid server. Thank you in advance. Greg
  19. Does somebody has experience in take out data/chunks of Seafile. Need it to use in Lychee or Piwio.
  20. Hi there Since I am currently degoogeling I have installed seafile after some research. This also works very well. Especially I am amazed how the camera upload function works perfectly. Now I want to replace GooglePhotos as well. I have chosen Lychee. But now Seafile does not save files but only blocks. In other words, no single files are available. How did you solve that? Thanks greg
  21. I decided to use Afterlogic on my webspace. It is s multi-user account capable and looks nice. However, we only use the mail function. Unfortunately the calendars can only be accessed via calDAV, but I need ActiveSync. Calendars run separately via Mailfence.com with activesync. I did not find anything similar as opensource. Except for nextcloude/owncloud, which is out of the question for me. Thanks, greg
  22. Sorry DZMM for the late reply. I've never realy get out of the problems with rclone and stopped looking at this issue. Go another way now. Away from google. Want to move all to nextcloud as a docker on unraid. Get a serverplace with public IP in a friends company. So this would be the solution with data. As far as data's concerned, that's not a problem i think. With the mails it becomes more difficult. There I am still looking for a solution with various mail clients which I am currently trying out.
  23. thx. Yes I tried but it did not work somehow. I just saw that in roundcube only one account can be retrieved at a time. This means that you can create multiple accounts but only log in to one. However, I am looking for a collection client that combines the different accounts in one view. Actually like Outlook Express or like Nextcloud Mail App. But that is so sluggish that your face falls asleep while working.
  24. Hello I am looking for a mail client with which I can retrieve my various mail accounts via IMAP or POP. Best as a docker. Or how did you solve it? At the moment all mails are retrieved in a google business account. Google is a really great thing. They have great and extremely fast tools. But I want to get away from google for personal reasons. To make it clear it should not be a new mail server. It should be a mail client which merges the different accounts in one mailbox. I have nextcloud running. But their mailapp is very slow and too unproductive for me. It should be something like roundcube or sogo. But they are not available as dockers - and I just love dockers thank you greg
  25. I never had this issue again. The server runs and runs and runs...