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I've been running a python daemon based upon: for some years (!) now, but since i've relocated (and rebooted) my unraid machine, the daemon won't start anymore? The calling code (look at demo code) calls daemon.start() and then should start where the actual code loop lives, but it looks like it doesn't get that far. Also no exceptions or anything. The pid is created, and i get back to the prompt... and when i stop the daemon (python stop) it does remove the pid file... but if i add print comments in daemon.start() etc it does not get executed... i'm running unraid 6.5.3, ever since it came out, and also the daemon ran without issues. Literally for years, also with previous versions. Also, if i rebooted, the go file just started the daemon as well without any issues, for years on end, but now... something is broken. I have no clue. Or does it have anything to do with python 2 becoming obsolete?


(The actual daemon checks my Pioneer Kuro for some settings and power modes)

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I think i'm gonna reuse my original code (it was ported from c# to python) and create an core (blazor) docker for this, and run this on unraid. I don't like python anyway. Language is nice but it is always complaining about tabs and spaces and indentation, what a joke.

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On 7/24/2020 at 3:44 PM, jowi said:

Just discovered the user scripts plugin. Why no one pointed me to this i don't know, but that is a way nicer way to do these sort of things :)

Do you need a custom version of Unraid with Python builtin?

If so please feel free to contact me and I will create you one and also will tell you how you can build it yourself ;)


EDIT: Oh and of course you also could use the Nerd Pack from the CA app to install Python... :D


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