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  1. @Aran a bit late, but thanks anyway, this solved my problem
  2. Nothing? Is there a way i can update node.js myself? In a persistent way?
  3. I'm trying to install the "node-red-contrib-virtual-smart-home" palette so i can use Alexa commands in Node-RED, but that package expects node.js version > 18.2.0 to be installed (current in the docker is 16.20.2) Can that be updated in the Node-RED docker?
  4. Hi, a few dockers i'm running are showing this error in the log. I noticed that after a reboot this error appeared, other dockers are showing it as well, e.g. nginxproxy, sabnzbd, wordpress, heimdall, mariadb to name a few. How do i fix this?
  5. Ok, fixed. There were 2 things wrong. First, for some reason the container port (should point to internal 80) was the same as the external port, so e.g. external port 6262 should point to container port 80, but pointed to internal 6262 as well. Could not change it in the docker port settings (greyed out, also after stopping the container), so i had to delete the 'container port' setting and add it again but now properly. Now, the 502 error was gone, but wp showed an error 'something is wrong' and a white screen. Some googling suggested to rename the plugin folder and try to start the site. That worked after that 1 enabled every plugin one by one until i found the culprint, some email form plugin. Deleted it. Site works fine again.
  6. I have 2 wordpress sites, and had some issues with nginx and certificates, but that is now solved. One of the wordpress sites functions fine (, the other one ( i get a 502 error... they are basically configured the same in nginx and also have the correct A records. Both sites worked fine until the certificate issues started, but these are now renewed, but still, the 2nd site looks like it died? I have no clue how to fix this or what is wrong. Normally, the ONLY way to get into the site (using /wp-admin) was over the actual url I can not show the site on my unraid server? Not even when i change to Bridge etc. The only thing i can do is check what is in /mnt/appdata/ for this site. How can i determine what is wrong? What is the actual way to start and run a wordpress site locally?
  7. It has stopped crashing, seems to be running fine now. Thanks for all the tips and tricks
  8. Yeah, it ran perfectly for over 2 years or so. Until a few weeks ago. This happens all the time now. Only way to fix is to restart the container. Also it stops forwarding the defined sites. Maybe ill just delete it and start over.
  9. ok, looks like it is working, be it not very well. Nginx is crashing constantly, had to restart it a few times. Suddenly i could add a new certificate. After that... all errors and nginx crashing again. After restarting, same errors. "certbot is already running"... and indeed it was. I have to restart nginx, kill the certbot process and then i can renew a certificate or add a new one... bonkers... but ok, i have some new certs until march 2023... so in a few months this will probably start all over again... *edit* now nginx is crashing randomly... even when i'm not actively using it. Weird.
  10. Ok, for some reason pfsense had the port 80 forward to 180 disabled/grayed out... good call. Never noticed. Now it is enabled, but i stilll get the same errors. Either 'certbot is allready running' or 'some challenges have failed' etc.
  11. How do i confirm that it works? My wordpress website on unraid is up and running through nginx. I can access from anywhere, and it works. So nginx is redirecting it from to unraids internals right? My A record at my provider is also correct (otherwise the site wont work). So what else is there to check or confirm? The website is up and running and accesible, i just can't get $%%$^ nginx to renew the certificate.
  12. But surely you don't want me to open up port 80 on my router to my unraid server? Port 80 is now routed to port 180 on nginx. That is how it should work right?
  13. If i try to renew one of the certificates (for my wordpress site at ) i get the error in the letsencrypt.log in the docker folder: I do have port 80 and 443 forwared in my router to the nginx containers 180 and 1443 ports on unraid. This has always worked the last 2 years since i've been using it. The ISP ip address ( is correct as well. I do NOT know what the mentioned '.well-known' folder in the error msg is? Where should this be? In the wordpress container?
  14. I need to renew some certificates, but i just can't nginx to renew or even create new letsencrypt certificates. It complains about 'another intance of certbot is running' which is NOT the case, not in the docker nor in unraid. Rebooted docker, rebooted unraid, same message. It has worked fine for the last year for a couple of wordpress sites and nextcloud. But now it just wont renew. All ports 80/443 are forwarded to the nginx container etc, like i said, it was and is working fine, except for renewing letsencrypt certificates. Is there a way to use other free certificates besides the builtin letsencrypt stuff?