containered.toml -- log-level error [htop] - After a few days constant extra 10% CPU usage


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After a few days of running, I can see in the stats window, that my cpu usage is 10% higher constntly, than the normal baseline.

If I run a htop, I get the following results:


If I restart docker, it doesn't solve it (In settings, docker enable No, than back to yes)

If I restart the server, I think it solves it sometimes, for a few days, than it starts again.


I think it started around the time, when I changed some docker log settings a few weeks ago. Now I have a single log, without rotation.

It starts to bother me now, cos if this writes to SSD so much log constantly, that it takes up 10% CPU, it will just kill my SSD in a few months (Or var/run/ is all in RAM?)


my docker img is less than 50%, log is 1% in the dashboard.


btw this morning I also had a btrfs csum error, which crashed all my dockers. I think i recreated it like 6 weeks ago.

My cache drive is now XFS encrypted for a few months, i though it would solve this occasional btrfs csum error. I was wrong, as the docker img is still btrfs...

Any ideas?

Thank you!




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after 4-5 days now it went away, without me doing anything, than it came back by itself again

very weired.

before that it was always this.


i was messing around in plex before (transcoding), and it started it again.

If i stop dockers 1 by 1, it get's smaller and smaller linearly. So it doesn't make much sense.

I don't think it's conencted to 1 docker. I'm running the same ones for a year now.


anyone else?

where/how can I even see this file?

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