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  1. It has been rebooted many times, but it still prompts an error😢
  2. OK,here it is.
  3. Jun 18 19:30:21 MyNAS CA Backup/Restore: It doesn't appear that the array is running. Exiting CA Backup All disks is running,but I cant backup, plz help
  4. Throughput as server and client is inconsistent,what does this mean?
  5. As you can see, the first photo shows transferring files from unarid to my computer can reach 1G network speed But transfer files from my computer to unraid it can only reach about 800M Hard disk on unraid test write speed can reach about 200MB/s+, so I don't think disk is a problem can someone help me pls? From Google Translate ,sorry for my bad English
  6. It looks like running through the proxy😄Solved my problem,thx
  7. Is there any way to let CA run through a proxy? I tried to add http_proxy=http://xxx:xxx https_proxy=http://xxx:xxx /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & to the GO file,but it didn't work for me... It can be used in docker and terminal,but not for CA