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Is this good for business use?

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I'm looking at bringing unraid into the company I work for as a way to create VMs and server files etc. I like the way unraid works and think it might be a good fit. However, is the license good for business use?
Would people recommend it in general?

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The general recommendation is "it depends". Your company specific needs carry heavy implication as to whether it is a suitable product or not.

I think it would be better if you contact LimeTech directly.

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My recommendation would be,

IF you are the owner or a principle in the company and

IF you are technically savvy enough and willing to stay on top of maintenance and troubleshooting and

IF you already are maintaining a personal use Unraid rig so you can try things out before putting them into production,


Then Unraid could be right for your business.


If you are simply an employee, then no. If something doesn't work as the boss thinks it should, you will be setting yourself up for either ill will or trying to fix things on your own time without pay.


If you simply wanted to use the NAS function, no containers or VM's, then it would be fine IMHO.

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My recommendation is no. unRAID was not designed with business level security in mind. Its patch/update cycle, while much better than it used to be, is still quite slow compared to the needs of business grade software. And the options for official support channels and documentation are simply not robust enough for the business world. Its a fantastic home network appliance, but at this time simply not something i can recommend to a business. 

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