unRaid serviio + owncloud docker containters

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Hi Guys,

I am new here. I can not write whole article about this topic, as I don't have time but I would like to share essential screenshoots and comments on the topic. I made it running and I have to say that I was a bit frustrated as internet tutorials are misleading or incomplete.

Maybe it will help some of You (I am writing this post with unRaid 6.4.3 and date is 12.05.2020.

So my usage scenario is that unraid is installed on the laptop lenovo x220 which is very cheap and with low power consumption and battery is the simplest way for home nas server. What I wanted is DLNA server (serviio), document sync between my laptop and stationary pc (owncloud) and general network disk (samba share).

Laptop has one internal hdd and several usb drives connected. Obviously I want owncloud on internal hdd as this is the most reliable drive and I want my data to be store there. Usb drives are fine for backups and for non essential things like multimedia.

Let's go then (my kids will wake up soon ;) ):

1. First create shares:

- for owncloud create share using include option, so You can choose most reliable drive for your essential data.

- for multimedia crate share like Movies, Cartoons, Music, Whatever. You can use exclude option to exclude internal hdd as this one will be used for essential data, and all usb drives will be used for multimedia.

2. Now You have to install community application plugin - without this unraid is quite useless.

3. Now search for owncloud. There are several versions, but one is good one - with mysql (mariaDB) included - I forgot developer name. Install the app it will download and create new docker. Now it is advised to put custom sql server password. First when installing and then on first owncloud launch. I will attach screenshot of the docker with owncloud running and howto configure on first run.

4. Serviio - docker provided by community (riftbit/serviio) is working fine, but folder mapping was wrong. I have attached screenshot how it supposed to be done. If You wan't your dlna to be discoverable it is essential to configure network as host and don't map config folder as discovery goes over multicast address!!

Your media shares can be mapped as read only, while serviio data folders as read/write. I don't have access to my unraid at this moment to provide proper screenshot.





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I am happy to hear it is useful, even though a bit chaotic.  I am not sure if I understand the problem. I have installed owncloud and serviio from community apps (not docker hub search). In first place it is better to use community package, if required software is not there then docker hub. I have found that community packages have some variables and settings exposed right away when installing so it is much easier to use package. I am attaching screen shot of the search results on my pc.




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