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  1. This tutorial would be great - except when I download the template (dockerhub search results) via the unraid app store the template is blank and I have to stick ALL the volumes in. Is there a better way to get the template?
  2. Came back up and my disk 8 (never had any issues before) is now unmountable (no file system). diagnostics attached. I was going to do an xfs repair, but wanted to check in with the pros first smashboogie-diagnostics-20190122-1940.zip thanks!
  3. Hey thanks for the tip- that's great news
  4. Hi gang, I got one of these bad boys on prime day https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HAPGEIE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and proceeded to shuck it w/o reading up first...mah bad. The drive is installed and Unraid sees it - Unassigned Devices shows it mountable. When I try to mount it it fails with log: Aug 05 12:24:53 Disk with serial 'ST8000DM004-2CX188_WCT00TD3' is not set to auto mount and will not be mounted... Aug 05 12:24:53 Disk with serial 'ST8000DM004-2CX188_WCT00TD3' is not set to auto mount and will not be mount
  5. Ugh - so after 36 hours of banging my head... I plugged the GPU into a monitor and it was there, working. Probably was all along... I am not sure how I connected once (with the GPU passthrough) but it turns out my firewall was blocking access. disabled firewall and BAM. Its working now - hopefully it sticks.
  6. HI there, Help! I made a Windows 10 VM, following instructions from spaceinvaderone's windows 10 VM video - awesome vids! After making sure my NVIDIA card was in a separate IOMMU group (setting Enable PCIe ACS Override: = Yes), Windows installed fine and got all my drivers set. Using VNC was (and is) working fine. I can connect and use Windows 10 via VNC- works great! It seems when I try to pass-through my Nvidia Geforce 1060 or my on-board Intel gpu, the VM seemingly does not start up. When i try to connect with TigerVNC viewer it just gives an
  7. I have everything working together and have successfully configured all my other docker volume mappings. SAB and couch potato are working fine. SAB and sonar are working fine. Downloads are not going into the appdata root folder. Downloads (for all docker I configured so far) are harmoniously working together with the following structures. appdata/downloads/complete appdata/downloads/incomplete appdata/downloads/watched. The problem is moviegrabber doesn't take these as valid mappings (inside the moviegrabber configuration) as all the others do.
  8. downloads/complete downloads/incomplete downloads/watched I have tried various ways (full path, etc) to put these in but the settings won't stick. i assume its because it wants a mapped drive.
  9. I have CP set up and it works well. I really like the feature set of moviegrabber (based on year/director/genre) customization and I wanted to give it a shot. I am not sure why all these repo's would offer it if it can be only set up via windows. that's odd.. I'm going to try and cross post on SABs forums and see if anyone can help. Thanks!
  10. I think that's why I'm confused - both the moviegrabbers directions and 'sample' paths tell me to map a drive like its windows. but that's not possible, as you have confirmed my original quote is from the moviegrabber readme on the forums Watched Folder, NZB Folder, Completed Folder Note:- UNC paths are NOT currently supported, please make sure you map to a drive letter. 3 images coming your way SAB Docker Config MG Docker Config And the MG config of the WEB UI - you can see the sample paths eg. C:\folder\folder Thanks for helping me figure this out! Mar
  11. This is not for SAB, unfortunately. This is the configuration in moviegrabber, which insists you map a drive to the SAB folders in order to confgure it. Which leads me back to my first question I appreciate the help!