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[6.8.3] GPU+fan utilization despite "no running processes"

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Wasn't really sure which sub-forum to post this in, but here goes:

I setup the trio of Telegraf+InfluxDB+Grafana recently and noticed the following curious behavior from my GPU:



I installed my GPU almost a year ago. At idle, the GPU usage was obviously 0% with fan usage ~50%. The GPU statistics plugin confirmed as much.


However, since I set up Telegraf et al. a week or so ago, "idle" GPU usage hovers between 2-5% with fan usage at ~65% for extended periods. Upon checking nvidia-smi, it reports "no running processes". The issue also appears to go away on its own.


Any idea what could be causing this behavior? Admittedly, it doesn't seem to be affecting transcoding results in any way. But it's just weird that I'm seeing sustained, albeit low, GPU and fan utilization despite "no running processes".


I didn't notice this behavior before setting up Telegraf etc. (i.e. when I only had GPU statistics plugin installed). That said, I'm pretty sure that all Telegraf did was alert me to an existing issue.

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