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    Preclear plugin

    Thanks very much for your detailed reply! Thankfully, I think this drive is still within the warranty period. One more question: if I RMA the drive, am I likely to get a refurbished drive as opposed to a new drive? This is a WD Red, if that makes a difference.
  2. rragu

    Preclear plugin

    I asked the same question on the unRAID subreddit and got the following explanation: So, I waited until the preclear plugin notified me that all the preclearing was completed for my second set of drives. Then I restarted the array. The "Stop Preclear" button was gone and the relevant drives were properly denoted as precleared.
  3. rragu

    Preclear plugin

    Hi all! Running unRAID v6.6.6 and Preclear Disks plugin v2018.10.07 Have two sets of questions: 1) I ran preclear on 3 of my drives, with two 3TB drives completing successfully and one 4TB drive failing the post-read. I also got a notification that the raw value for the current pending sector count on the 4TB drive was now 2 (fairly certain it was 0 before preclear). Some cursory googling brought up the possibility of a memory issue. However, since the 2x 3TBs were precleared successfully, am I right in thinking memory probably isn't the issue? I do have two more 4TB drives that I'm also planning to preclear. EDIT: I subsequently ran preclear on the remaining 2x 4TB drives. Both completed successfully. Should I try preclearing the failed drive again or should I just plan on swapping it? Here is the failed drive's preclear results: Here are the current SMART data from the same drive: 2) Also, I noticed that even though the preclear completed successfully on the 2x 3TB drives, the "Stop Preclear" button is still there. Do I still need to click that red 'x' even after a successful preclear? Or can I just start assigning it to the array? And why is the failed drive denoted as "precleared" even though it failed and the two precleared drives aren't denoted as such? Thanks for any and all help!