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[SOLVED] Having trouble with GPU passthrough


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I've been trying and failing to get my graphics card passed through to a Windows 10 VM for a few hours now no matter what I try. I'm going to need some help to go any further.


I've been largely following this guide on setting up remote gaming



GTX 1080 Ti is in the motherboard's top slot (so I guess that makes it the primary GPU?)

ACS override: set to Both

VFIO: Both graphics and sound devices stubbed via Tools>System Devices

Boot: Legacy boot




After adding the graphics card with settings as detailed above and booting the VM, Device Manager doesn't recognize any nVidia card as being installed. All I see under Display Driver in Device Manager is Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and Microsoft Remote Display Adapter.


If I go ahead install the nVidia drivers anyway, I then get Code 43 (which I suppose isn't surprising at all if Windows doesn't recognize the GPU in the first place).


Ideas on how to move forward from here would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Looks like my vBIOS was the issue! Despite following SpaceInvaderOne's video/script to dump the vBIOS from my card, that vBIOS doesn't appear to work. it was only after I used one of the compatible vBIOSes from TechPowerUp that I was able to see the following in the VM's Device Manager:

Device Manager.png


I also undid the ACS override and stuck with i440fx as Machine Type

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