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  1. @dee31797 Hi, this container is exactly what I've been looking for! Would it be possible to add the ability to schedule the conversions based on time and/or CPU usage? I generally only watch my recorded shows the next day or later. So if possible, I'd like to schedule the conversions to times of the day when I know my server is not likely to have high CPU usage. Alternatively (or additionally), I could set the container to only run conversions if CPU usage has been less than X% for Y minutes? Thanks for all your work!
  2. Thanks! That said, turns out my issue was entirely to do with a misconfigured duplicati.subdomain.conf file. Not sure how I managed to mess that one up after having properly configured it before... Still, all's well that ends well
  3. I've been using this container for a few weeks and was until recently having no issues. Please note, I've reverse proxyied this container using LetsEncrypt. After a recent update (on 4/3/19 [?; not sure on the exact date]; although that's when I ran update not necessarily when the update was released), I noticed this container is giving me issues. In particular, after I navigate to https://myduplicati.mydomain.xyz, I enter the login password, and then am greeted by a message reading "The connection to the server is lost, attempting again". Not sure what I might have done to break this. I haven't really fiddled with Duplicati since my initial setup went properly. I've attached my docker run command below and will be glad to furnish any other logs upon request. Is there a way to simply roll back the update to an earlier version of the container to see if that caused any issues?
  4. So I've just got Syncthing installed for the first time. Not entirely sure I've gotten it configured correctly; but I was in fact able to transfer some files to the desired folder on Unraid from a remote machine. So that's something... I recently followed Spaceinvader's video on LetsEncrypt+NGINX to get Nextcloud accessible through the reverse proxy. I'd like to be able to do the same with Syncthing (i.e. https://syncthing.mydomain.com presents me with the syncthing GUI). Is this possible? Like Nextcloud, does Syncthing require additional configuration (either in the Syncthing appdata files or the LetsEncrypt appdata files)? In addition, not sure if I've got Syncthing configured securely. The GUI listen address is currently Do I need to change this if I want Syncthing to be accessible through a reverse proxy? What about the GUI authentication and "Use HTTPS for GUI" options? Any and all help is much appreciated! I'm currently in the unenviable position of having a little knowledge (i.e. just enough to break things)... P.S. Under "GUI Settings", I see there is a message "The GUI address is overridden by startup options. Changes here will not take effect while the override is in place." Not sure what this means exactly?
  5. Yeah, the other displays for array, cache, and boot are showing properly. I'm fairly certain the 2019.01.21a version of UD was also showing properly PS. I'm on Unraid 6.6.6 if that helps
  6. That screenshot was Chrome (v. 71.0.3578.98). I also just checked on Firefox (v. 64.0.2). It looks the same as in Chrome
  7. So does mine. I'm on 2019.01.22 with the Black theme enabled as well
  8. Thanks very much for your detailed reply! Thankfully, I think this drive is still within the warranty period. One more question: if I RMA the drive, am I likely to get a refurbished drive as opposed to a new drive? This is a WD Red, if that makes a difference.
  9. I asked the same question on the unRAID subreddit and got the following explanation: So, I waited until the preclear plugin notified me that all the preclearing was completed for my second set of drives. Then I restarted the array. The "Stop Preclear" button was gone and the relevant drives were properly denoted as precleared.
  10. Hi all! Running unRAID v6.6.6 and Preclear Disks plugin v2018.10.07 Have two sets of questions: 1) I ran preclear on 3 of my drives, with two 3TB drives completing successfully and one 4TB drive failing the post-read. I also got a notification that the raw value for the current pending sector count on the 4TB drive was now 2 (fairly certain it was 0 before preclear). Some cursory googling brought up the possibility of a memory issue. However, since the 2x 3TBs were precleared successfully, am I right in thinking memory probably isn't the issue? I do have two more 4TB drives that I'm also planning to preclear. EDIT: I subsequently ran preclear on the remaining 2x 4TB drives. Both completed successfully. Should I try preclearing the failed drive again or should I just plan on swapping it? Here is the failed drive's preclear results: Here are the current SMART data from the same drive: 2) Also, I noticed that even though the preclear completed successfully on the 2x 3TB drives, the "Stop Preclear" button is still there. Do I still need to click that red 'x' even after a successful preclear? Or can I just start assigning it to the array? And why is the failed drive denoted as "precleared" even though it failed and the two precleared drives aren't denoted as such? Thanks for any and all help!