Add USER-ID to Telegram Notification Agent

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Hello, please consider adding USER ID field to Telegram agent notifier. By that the agent sends messages only to specified user. Group ID would be handy too. Both features are supported by telegram and people can simply get their IDs by chatting with telegram's IDBot by ty typing /getid. As far as I am aware of its a matter of adding one line of code to the API.


This not really handy feature request but more of security and privacy feature request. The problem of telegram agent as it is now is that anyone can find your bot and once they send a message to it Unraid will send them all notifications too. So basically if 100 people finds my bot and says "hi or whatever to it" unraid notifies me and all other 100 people about for example "parity check started". I might be too much worried about that but I can really easily imagine how hacker could use these informations to determinate scheduled parity checks etc. etc.


Down the line maybe adding more bots for Mattermost, MS Teams, Discord etc etc. would be great too.


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IMO this is not a feature request but a serious security issue which should be fixed ASAP!

Basically (If I understood correctly) Unraid is broadcasting potential sensitive (depending on the notifications used) information to anyone who wants to receive it. 

This feature should not be used until either user id or chat id can be set to restrict access.

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