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  1. It was the fan controller. The USB part was used to monitor power state plus the rgb bit i guess. I simply connected the plus +5V wire from usb cable to +5V molex to bypass the need of USB connection to the motherboard. The case is solved. Thank you for the hint about the USB part.
  2. I have 3 usb devices plugged in. 1 - Unraid USB stick 2 - Wireless keyboard receiver 3 - fan controller (Aerocool ACFC-P755910.01 Project 7 P7H1 RGB PWM Fan Hub - Black ) this is used only for the fans not rgb. I didn't really wanted to have this connected but it doesnt work if i dont plug the usb cable to motherboard. Hope any of this helps, thank you for your time.
  3. { "irq 16: nobody cared found on your server": "true" }
  4. Hi There, Fix common problem is spamming me with this warning and i keep pressing ignore but it always appear again. It says i should seek help on forum. Please see attached syslog and diagnostics. Any help much appreciated. Thank you tower-syslog-20190910-1931.zip tower-diagnostics-20190910-1930.zip