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  1. Will definitely try it, because I use Zabbix to monitor over 200 different hosts. Zabbix Agent 2 would be a sweet addition as it would finally resolve my issue how to monitor docker containers on Unraid.
  2. Hey guys, i am trying to monitor Unraid docker using Zabbix agent. My Zabbix cannot fetch data from docker engine and I am 100% assured that this is permission issue. I've mounted all necessary volumes to the container: /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock /var/run:/var/run /sys:/sys /var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker/ When i run this command inside docker ls -l /var/run/docker.sock i get: srw-rw---- 1 root 281 0 Oct 17 19:51 /var/run/docker.sock When i run same command in unraid cli i get this: srw-rw---- 1 root docker 0 Oct 17 19:51 /var/run/docker.sock= I am not 100% sure if adding PGID=0 and PUID=0 has done any changes. What I know for sure is that zabbix is accessing docker as user zabbix, so i created user zabbix and then added zabbix user to the docker group using this command: gpasswd -a zabbix docker But no luck at all. Can someone help please?
  3. that worked per Worked like charm! Thanks a mil. For others make sure once you hit console button for your docker icon you need to be in correct directory to run that command. commands: 1. get into correct directory with this command: "cd /app/netbox/netbox" 2. run "python3 ./manage.py createsuperuser" 3. type in info as it asks you 4. done
  4. Make sure you are accessing it trough the allowed domain which you specified in template. Internal IP is not accessible unless you edit config file.
  5. No luck there. I've tried to input email address also tried username, tried long simple passwords, complex passwords with special characters, complex passwords without special characters. No luck at all. NOTE: with each try I have cleared database, appdata folder and redis.
  6. Sorry I mean netbox template. I have tried simple passwords like "pass" and no luck should the user be actual email as written in template comments or just username?
  7. Hello, the installation went fine, but I can't to login for some reason. It keeps saying wrong username and password. (i did setup those in xml file) I tried inside docker to run at: /app/netbox/netbox/ this command ./manage.py createsuperuser getting this error: env: "python": no such file or directory **** Also it would be a good idea maybe to add variable path for email notifications And add variables for email setup: # Email settings EMAIL = { 'SERVER': 'localhost', 'PORT': 25, 'USERNAME': '', 'PASSWORD': '', 'USE_SSL': False, 'USE_TLS': False, 'TIMEOUT': 10, # seconds 'FROM_EMAIL': '', }
  8. Found the issue, the internal XMR option in front end setting is not visible only the public XMR is. To update the internal XMR i run this command in mysql xibo database: UPDATE `setting` SET `value`='tcp://my_IP_address:50001', `userChange`=0, `userSee`=0 WHERE `setting`='XMR_ADDRESS';
  9. Hello, every time I restart xibo CMS the docker is stuck in maintenance mode and web end is at error 500. How can I overcome this?
  10. god, so sorry about that i didnt think twice i didnt add the base64: before my key.... sorry again!
  11. This one: 6c510455e05c7a86522d7856de1ec8c2f7f635ef54d60b730ca3ebddd6d79034
  12. I've been stuck whole day on "oops something went wrong". Nothing in logs neither inside docker logs. Docker can communicate to external mysql as tested that inside docker. Anything else I should check other than what was written here already?
  13. I got it working at the end. Some confusion in guide caused it not to work propetly. Thank you!
  14. I've been looking at it whole day and i can't really find out why it's not passing authorised session back to protected subdomain. Whatever i try i always get 401 redirection, which makes me feel like there is some sort of issue in proxy manager advanced settings for both auth and endpoint subdomain.