Unmountable: No file system

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I just noticed that i cant access any of my content on one of my disks. 


It reports the following in the GUI

Unmountable: No file system


I'm not running parity or encryption on my drives.


I have attached my diagnostics file (zip) below and hope someone is able to guide me in the right direction.


Extra information: I have been running with some errors on current pending sector for a few months now, but it hasn't caused any issues until now. I contacted WD support a few months back and they said that the errors didn't warranted a new drive, so i assumed it wasn't anything critical. 



Thanks in advance. 




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1 hour ago, johnnie.black said:

The disk appears to be failing, you can confirm by running an extended SMART, and WD must replace it if it's within the warranty period.

Thanks :) I just started the the Smart Extended test. The HDD is under 3 years old, so it is under waranty.

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