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Supermicro x8 fan control python script (smx8fancontrol)

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The "ES Energy Saving" profile on this old x8 boards seem to leave a lot to be desired.  I have switched out all the fans with low RPM fans, and whilst the noise isn't bad, it just seems the fans either turn high or low with little inbetween.  Given the board has a lot of temperature sensors and fan sensors and PWM one would think it could do better.


Anyway I have come across these:




And this seems to suggest it will give greater control.  I'm just a bit wary that I don't want to break anything underlying in unraid in my quest for a sensible fan profile.

If i follow these instructions, what happens the next time i upgrade unraid?


Presumably I can use the nerdpack to launch the script on this page, after i've installed and enabled whats needed?


Strange I can't find much else written about this on the unraid forums, seems like the x8, and an old supermicro chassis are perfect for a cheap unraid box.  At least it's a massive upgrade on my old dell t20, pretty happy with it so far!


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Have you had any luck with this? I just got a X8STi-F and the fans sit at 7500rpm with no way to control them.

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Bump, this is my project for the weekend. Fan speed contorl on my two x8 boards!

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On 10/16/2020 at 11:00 PM, BadCo. said:

Bump, this is my project for the weekend. Fan speed contorl on my two x8 boards!

Any luck??

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