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  1. After mucho searching, i can't figure out how one would use what is available to me from the interwebs to download a precompiled package and replace the necessary files or install within unraid? Or even anything associated to this. Current versions of slackware already have smartmontools 7.2 included, so unraid is built on top of something earlier to that, i checked version and it states 14.2+ Any pointers for me to read up on, i've hit a dead end here. Slackware is obviously without package manager, and smartmontools doesnt appear to have any precompiled binaries, or
  2. Looks like smartmontools fixed it here actually: after people reporting the same issue as me: Can I update smartmontools manually within unraid within much risk of breaking things do you think?
  3. I did a non correcting parity last week, when I only had one parity disk, no change/ issues. I think it's a cable issue, had my grubby lil hands in there and all. I'll reseat the unassigned Seagate cable too I guess I'm flying in the dark fwiw until these drives get replaced or smartmontools catches up thanks
  4. Been doing the a lot of upkeep recently. Overhauled my whole unraid, upgraded hardware/software (6.9rc2 for cache pools), and the usual. I have been installing cache disks, moving lots of files around, reorganising, adding dual parity and various other things. Everything seems good, but over that process i've collected 41 errors on just the one drive in doing so, they all seemed to come at once and haven't incremented whilst i was adding the second parity and recreating. I think it might be cable related, but im not sure how to confirm that? My drives lack
  5. Is it still the case, it seems to be unless its another issue, that smartmontools and the unraid front end GUI still dont play nice with SAS drives? I downgraded last time, but i've bitten the bullet and moved forward to 6.9 so I can use cache pools. Now I'm SMART-less. Unless I manually run everything, which isn't ideal i'm sure i'm not the only person missing SMART on the webgui? Although it might be my fault, i might have set something else somewhere.
  6. Yeah I set it to cache prefer only to move the bulk of things, and now its set back to cache only, and i'll manually move these files from the disk1 to static, wish me luck The appdata path has never changed, just the underlying physical disk, which i'm not even convinced letsencrypt knows about, so this "move" isn't what the readme is referencing. //Edit: Sweet, nothing exploded, certs still valid, and everything still works!
  7. Am I being an idiot? (50/50) In metadata manager > Refresh metadata > Refresh mode: Replace all metadate It says action queued, but I don't know where, or why, or how I force this through, my metadata is correct except for a recent IP and network overhaul, so i just want it to update the path ideally, but was going to just leave it chugging away if possible. I should probably ask this within the Jellyfin community, as I know this is the support thread for the binhex-docker. But its just in case. And i spend more time around these parts currently.
  8. I've just moved my appdata to its own cache drive (long overdue). SWAG is the only thing I can't get to totally move, I guess its because the certs are loaded/protected? I set the share to prefer the static cache drive, and disabled docker in settings and run the mover. If i disable docker again and manually move these files will I break something*? (probably ) *I should say i have read the readme and its pretty clear: However does moving the files to the same place on the cache count as moving them?
  9. Sweet, sorry I missed the update changelog, my bad! Good point, I'll have a play with plugins, I just think it's best the drives spin down, so I'll see if I can track down what is causing it.
  10. I have two drives precleared that appear in unassigned devices to be incrementing reads every few seconds, i've never noticed this before, and just wondered what might be causing it, or if its a bug or if i should be even more worried 😂 Logs for scripts and the device dont shown anything, and the drives themselves are obviously unmounted and unformated, so i dont really understand what even could be read....
  11. I've just overhauled my unraid box, and putting everything back together "better" than it was cobbled to together before. I just want a some validation i've (not) done something stupid, and also writing it out might help others or even just for rubber-ducking I'm not sure which thread in other forums to post this in because it crosses so many, so i've popped it here in general for now, appologies if there is a better place i've missed. Mostly using binhex docker containers unless specified, they've done me proud, decent updates etc... Current modest setup that i'll