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  1. It’s more about port forwarding. The program virtualhere that works when in network but not over OpenVPN, anyway to adjust settings/anyone know alternatives to get this to work.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response. Fairly new to unraid/Linux. I was trying to get the following set up: Server A hosts OpenVPN, separately runs Windows VM and can connect remotely with client B. With Remote Desktop when I plug in usb/keyboard to client B I want it to appear on windows VM. Anyway to do that with OpenVPN? Or is this an Remote Desktop issue.
  3. Anyone figure this out?
  4. Does anyone know how to pass USB pass through the VPN. I tried using Virtualhere with no luck with my tower on network being client/server for usb passthrough
  5. Does this work with older OS, such as el capitan? I have an old computer I want backed up, however every AFP back up becomes corrupt and it wants me to restart.
  6. Sounds good I’ll look into that one thank you. I’m looking to add a WiFi/Bluetooth card as well for airdrop/continuity. For the new feature Catalina “side car” I need to change the iMac version to a newer one (even then it may not work), how would I go about it with this version of clover?
  7. @SpaceInvaderOne I have the VM running Catalina with out issue thanks to this forum, your video and the Macinabox system. I am currently looking for compatible AMD gpu to purchase, is there a list or recommendations?
  8. I had had a similar issue. For me it occurred when I updated the OpenVPN-as container. I had to do a clean install (removed docker container and erased the OpenVPN-as folder from my appdata share), reinstalled and that fixed the problem.
  9. Has anyone figured out how to either get alerts when someone connects (notifies via email) or if there are login attempts?
  10. Question are you using Host or Bridge as network type? For some reason I can’t access the web GUI for OpenVPN-AS or connect via OpenVPN if it’s set to Bridge, only works for host. Also, using Host and adding my IP to router settings my main issue is that I can now connect to my network and access low number ports ( for unraid GUI) and even other IP address for VM that I have on my network. What I can’t seem to access or any GUI that are port 7000 or greater (, or any other docker container address).
  11. Bond0 is no longer an option. The openvpn-as version I have is 2.7.3 and can connect to the VPN but cant connect to my server (when away from home)