Is this a logical setup change?

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I recently built a new Unraid server without ever having knowledge of Unraid previously. I designed it so it could be used for multiple purposes. I wanted it to become my new NAS storage, Gaming PC, Plex Server, and Video Editing rig all in one. So this was the parts i put together...

AMD 3950x


2 x GTX1080ti

32GB Ram


500Gb M.2 NVME SSD


The plan was to use the 2nd GTX1080ti i have for hardware acceleration in Plex and other dockers. I had the 2nd GPU from my crypto mining days already.

Well since installing Unraid, i have come to realize all the bugs associated with trying to run VMs on AMD x470/x570 mbs. Currently my onboard audio isn't functioning, all of my USB 3.0 ports don't function, and NVME seems to not function correctly in Unraid VMs.


My computer case im using is Corsair 1000D, which is designed for dual system watercooling with a 2nd motherboard area for miniITX MBs. I am thinking of ditching using Unraid on my 3950x and purchase an intel 7/8/9/10 gen budget celeron/i3/i5 CPU + miniITX mb and install it as a 2nd system, then run unraid on this 2nd system as my dedicated NAS + Plex server using quicksync iGPU and switch my new 3950x build back over the baremetal. I tested baremetal and everything works.. Audio, USB3.0, and NVME gives full drive speeds and keep my handbrake usage on the baremetal rig along with video editing.


Example build:

Intel i3 9100 w/UHD630 $75

Asus Prime H310I-PLUS R2.0 $89

G.Skill Aegis 32 GB 2x8gb 3200Mhz $59

EVGA SFX 450psu $39


Then sell my 2nd GTX1080ti to offset the 2nd build.

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I run a taichi X470 mb. I previously used a 2600 processor. Passing hardware through to the VMs works but is a process. I set up a Linux mint vm and a windows 10 pro vm. I passed through an rx 580 with sound, USB keyboard and mouse to one vm and a 1700 with sound, USB keyboard and mouse to the other. Once I learned about mmu groups and how to split things out it did work. I make no claims to be an unraid expert and it definitely took some time figuring it all out. Also not a strong Linux guy. 


I would suggest spending a little time studying it before punting. Unraid can do docker and VMs, and the ability to parcel out resources as needed was a draw for me. 


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