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New to UnRaid and have done a lot of troubleshooting myself, so i may have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Would like to have a VM WIn10 gaming option for my son to play Minecraft / Fortnite. But within a couple minutes of launching a game, system crashes



CPU: 3900x

RAM: 2x16 (32Gb) Trident Z 3200 (but left at default, NO XMP)

MB: Asus x470 Hero

PSU: Seasonic 650W Titanium Prime

GPU1: GT730 2Gb (EVGA)

GPU2: Rx580 4Gb (Gigabyte) 

Peripherals: Logitech USB (various)

Cache SSD: WD 1Tb SN750

Storage: WD 12Tb Wht, 2Tb Black, 3Tb Grn

Parity: WD 12Tb


UnRaid 6.8.3

Win10 Template Settings

CPU passthrough (4 core/ 8 thread; bottom pairs)

Initial Memory 4096Mb

Machine: Q35-4.2d


Hyper-V: Yes

USB: 2.0 (EHCI)

OS: WIn10 1909 (SATA bus)

VirtIO: 0.1.173-2 (SATA bus)


STABLE but poor graphics performace in VNC 

Windows fully updated, with tweaks according to SpaceInvader One (high performace etc)

GPU: Rx580

Audio: Rx580


I can get it to boot, but randomly will freeze. Sometimes while 'idle', but usually pretty stable for web browsing, system updates. However launching a game seems to instigate a crash within 1-2 minutes


I can try a beefier PSU (650W should be enough, but not a lot of head room)

I added the GT730 as primary PCIe slot, thinking it might help


can't boot with i440fx machine or using OMVF BIOS

need to use "Hotplug USB" in order to get USB mouse to register

I've confirmed the GPU is in a unique IOMMU group 

and have the vBIOS for TechpowerUp included


i tried briefly passing thru the GT730, but get a black screen


what should i focus on???





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