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  1. I'm having trouble getting Deluge to connect with Sonarr or Radarr. (binhex versions) I get error message "Unknown exception: The operation has timed out.: '' I've done hard restart of server, reinstalled the containers and checked settings. I don't see any conflicts, and can't think that i've added or changed anything from while it was working prior; just no longer getting a connection to my Deluge download client for some reason. all my settings should be based on SpaceInvader One tutorials, and had been working prior.
  2. recently restored my cache, but delugevpn no longer working as it was i believe it has to do with the .ovpn file in app data folder i've used the spaceinvader one tutorial (2017), but it may be out of date at this point please let me know if these files are correct, or if i should be looking at something else In my appdata>binhex-delugevpn>openvpn folder i have pasted the following 3 files <crl.rsa.2048.pem> <ca.rsa.2048> CA Toronto.ovpn (i've tried Israel, Netherlands, Romania & Switzerland as well)
  3. Isn't the "1" on the end correct? nvmeOn1 if not, how do i find out?
  4. i'm attempting to recover the cache data, ahead of reformatting i believe i was able to create the directory "x" however, i was unable to mount i entered mount -o usebackuproot,ro /dev/nvmeOn1 /x but got "does not exist" i've attached screen shot, and was assuming for nvme, that was correct >>>See Below, from Terminal<<< Linux 4.19.107-Unraid. Last login: Sun Oct 18 10:03:30 -0500 2020 on /dev/tty1. root@Titan:~# mkdir /x mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/x’: File exists root@Titan:~# mount -o useback
  5. so something that is strange to me, is that is has been asking to "format" the Cache drive, which is an nvme. It shows as "unmountable disk present" > Cache ...(nvmeOn1) This problem was concurrent with the message about disk 1 being disabled. i followed steps to unassign the "disk 1" that had come up as disabled, and have now started the data rebuild process. i'm worried about formatting the cache, as it does not have a parity. i think everything is backed up, but i'm not certain i could rebuild it effectively attached is the SMART zip for the nvm
  6. Thanks for confirming attached is the diagnostic From what i could tell, i started the VM for my son to have some PC time. (then hopped in shower). Apparently VM never started and when i came to check one of the drives had been disabled. Note, the VM is on the cache. Anyway, don't know if these events are related and i haven't tried relaunching the VM. It was stuck and i had to force quit. Again, thanks for input!!
  7. disk 1 showing disabled attached is SMART report not sure what to do? do i need to replace, or should i re-enable the disk? all indications from the report seem OK, but also over my head thanks
  8. Through a series of events, i have access to a Corsair RM 1000x Gold PSU that i could pull from another build (for which it is overkill) Wondering if i should swap my 650W Seasonic Titanium Everything works fine as is, and i don't have any plans to add another GPU anytime soon. Maybe one more HDD at some point. Below is configuration, and using PSU calculator i come up at 590W recommended. which is getting close. However, i really value the efficiency of the Titanium Seasonic NO overclocking etc. Can i easily measure power draw? What happens if I exceed 650W? w
  9. Awesome! Parity check running now THANKS!
  10. My Unraid server had a hard crash and i seemingly lost the cache drive and the parity drive. I was running a VM and everything froze up. (no conflicts with unraid flash drive). On reboot i couldn't get array up initially, and was getting error saying the cache needed to be formatted and the parity drive was disabled. i first ran a READ check on the array, as that was an option. That took almost 2 days, but passed w/o error. I next selected to reformat the cache drive and restored the app data. Lost VMs, but no problem. But now i don't see how to re-engage the parity drive.
  11. New to UnRaid and have done a lot of troubleshooting myself, so i may have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Would like to have a VM WIn10 gaming option for my son to play Minecraft / Fortnite. But within a couple minutes of launching a game, system crashes Hardware: CPU: 3900x RAM: 2x16 (32Gb) Trident Z 3200 (but left at default, NO XMP) MB: Asus x470 Hero PSU: Seasonic 650W Titanium Prime GPU1: GT730 2Gb (EVGA) GPU2: Rx580 4Gb (Gigabyte) Peripherals: Logitech USB (various) Cache SSD: WD 1Tb SN750 Storage: WD 12Tb Wht, 2Tb Black, 3Tb
  12. I'm looking to decommission my WHS hp Ex485 and would like to have an UnRaid NAS + 2 light-duty gamers for the kids (Windows 10 VMs). Items i have > MB: Asus x470 Crosshair VII Hero (Wifi) RAM: 4x8 (32Gb) Corsair RGB 3600 (non-ECC) PSU: 650W Seasonic Titanium Prime (is this enough?) Case: ThermalTake View 37 ARGB (room for 7+ 3.5" HDD) HDD: Various HDD 2-4Tb Looking to add CPU: Ryzen 3900x (12-cores) GPU: 2x GTX 1060 6G HDD: 8+Tb parity drive SSD: Cache, ~1Tb NVMe Configuration plans (bare in mind i have zero