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[SOLVED] Minor power outage caused Unraid to break

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Hi all!

This morning there has been a minor power outage (it lasted less than 1 second) in my house. The lamp on my desk quickly shut off and turned itself on, I was working on my pc, and it wasn't affected, I thought not much of it as I had no problem until now. Trying to access the unraid GUI on my server returns an error stating it is impossible to reach the server, smb doesn't work and nothing else works.

I attached a monitor to the machine, and the attached file is the result. The server hangs there, cannot boot, randomly spins up the fans. I cannot access the logs since the gui is unaccessible.

pls help :(


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16 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

If it doesn't finish booting try redoing the flash drive.

yep, it doesn't boot at all. it hangs there. won't i lose all my config re-flashing the usb drive (docker, vms, ecc)?

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3 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

No, backup current flash, re-do it and then restore only the config folder.

Thank you so much! I will now try and come back with the results :)

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Yes!!! It worked, thank you very much!

I had some trouble with UEFI, i flashed the usb as uefi compatible, but the server (dell r510) isn't compatible so I spent more time than I planned troubleshooting this.

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