Installing terminal apps like gallery-dl and youtube-dl?

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Hi, I recently put together my 3rd unraid server and it keeps working better and better!

One thing i wanted to do was run, from the terminal, the python programs gallery-dl and youtube-dl (I know there is a docker for youtube but have a workflow that is better suited to the terminal for these two apps).

Since unraid runs off ram i lose these installs so wanted to ask how i can install, and regularly update these programs?

I guess I could just add a line to my .profile to install them every time the server reboots (which shouldnt be often) but that seems a bit wonky?

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Well you could start with one of the youtube-dl based images if it generally meets your needs. Otherwise you might try one of the python base images If you install the container using community applications then you can access the console within the container from the unraid webgui by choosing the container on the dashboard and selecting the console button. Alternatively you can access the container from the unraid commandline using a docker exec command (using -it) Once you get the container configured the way you want you will probably want to use docker commit to make your own image. 


Could you describe a bit more the setup you were going for initially? Might help me point you in the right direction.

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