Ombi reverse proxy setup with LetsEncrypt. Banging my head on this issue all week.

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I can't figure this out. I have had my Unraid up for a week so far. Everything is great. Usenet works with Sonarr, Radarr, Ombi, etc. My gaming dockers work fine as well. My biggest problem is getting the reverse proxy to work with Ombi. I want others to be able to request movies/tv shows. I'm able to access it with the external IP and port, but I'm not able to get the url working with the domain that I have.

I figured out how to get the certificate portion of Letsencrypt done, but even with the server showing as ready, I'm not able to access anything. I have been banging my head for days on figuring this out. I have watched every spaceinvdaderone tutorial and other threads, but I just can't get it to work. Any advice would be awesome.


All sensitive information has been redacted. Thank you!






Cloudflare DNS:


Unifi Ports:


LetsEncrypt/Ombi Ports:


LetsEncrpyt docker settings:

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Can you try to put in the containers IP rather than the container name and see if that makes a difference?


Did set/change the ombi base URL?


What errors show when you try to load ombi(500/401 etc...)?


Did you remember to restart the letsencrypt container after making adjustments to conf files?


Do any other containers work properly through the reverse proxy?


Anything in firewall logs indicating an issue?


Side note: it's a lot easier to lend a hand if you make your links actual links so people don't have to copy/paste everything to see what you're talking about. It might help you get more responses. Also make sure to read through the support thread for the actual container if it has one. Most have a dedicated thread.


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