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  1. Just throwing my hat in with the same problem. Syslog server hasn't been working properly for me so I can't attach logs. I rolled back to 6.8.3 for the time being. Before the update to 6.9.1 I had over 200 days of uptime but after updating I was getting daily crashes and my family uses the server too much for that to happen. I don't have any VMs, no GPU, just about 20 docker containers.
  2. I get the same issue everyday after my Auto Backup finishes and restarts Emby. I've posted on the Emby forums and got nowhere with it. What's strange is that it was gone for a while but the bug was reintroduced with an update a while back. I wish I had paid closed attention to when the error started up again
  3. Can you try to put in the containers IP rather than the container name and see if that makes a difference? Did set/change the ombi base URL? What errors show when you try to load ombi(500/401 etc...)? Did you remember to restart the letsencrypt container after making adjustments to conf files? Do any other containers work properly through the reverse proxy? Anything in firewall logs indicating an issue? Side note: it's a lot easier to lend a hand if you make your links actual links so people don't have to copy/paste everyt
  4. You should be able to assign a static IP to the container using an IP within your LAN subnet. I have a couple networks setup for my docker containers. One uses a VLAN (br1.10) and I manually set static IPs for those containers and then the containers on my LAN just get an IP assigned to them from the server but I could just as easily assign static IPs for them as well.
  5. While this is mostly true I recently did a complete new build and there was one pretty decent headache involving networking. I went from a quad port NIC (used as two bonded connections) to a dual port NIC. When I booted the server there was a mess involving my docker containers networking (they're a mix of VLAN/custom IPs/VPN) and also the MAC address was different so my static mapping from my router wasn't picking up the server properly. I ended up deleting my network config file and then rebooted into GUI mode and made my network adjustments. Everything works great n
  6. I think you could go either way but I prefer using the letsencrypt container for it.
  7. So in your conf file you have something like this: location / { include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; resolver valid=30s; set $upstream_whatever <IP_ADDRESS>; proxy_pass http://$upstream_whatever:<PORT_NUMBER>; proxy_set_header Range $http_range; proxy_set_header If-Range $http_if_range; } You will use the containers IP address instead of its name. In your case you would use the VPN containers IP address and whatever port you use to access the service locally. Don't forget to enable some sort of securi
  8. I've done this by just using the containers IP address/port in the letsencrypt conf file for each service.
  9. When I've had issues with community apps not loading in the past it was caused by a DNS issue on the network. Not sure if you've looked into that yet but sometimes I forget to check the simple stuff first.
  10. This will come down to firewall rules on your pfSense box. I was having a bunch of issues getting communication between VLAN/LAN and every time it came down to firewall rules. I would suggest posting or searching on the netgate forums as that's where I had the best luck,
  11. Are you using the latest version? I started getting a lot of failed downloads and servers not being able to connect errors with the latest version. I realized it was caused by them removing python 2 and my scripts were relying on it to run properly.
  12. @Merson I couldn't get FakeDetector or Completion working even with the 2to3 converter. Any tips if you are using these scripts? I loaded up Sab instead and I'm actually impressed with how well it works but I've always used nzbget in the past.
  13. Mine UNRAID box shows up in the left-side menu under "Locations".
  14. That has always worked for me. Are you able to connect through Finder (not using the connect to server function)?
  15. I went ahead and assigned br2 a static IP address. My hope was to add the br2 static IP to an Alias in pfSense and then use that to route that traffic through a VPN. Kind of like if the docker containers were using Host as their network and Host was being router through a VPN. Unfortunately, that plan does not do what I intended. It works fine but the dockers using br2 do not get router through the VPN as if they were on Host network. I've managed to just manually give IPs to each container and then add those IPs to the pfSense alias and it works fine. I'm n