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  1. Sorry, I should've mentioned that initially. 6.10.0-rc1 so likely just an issue with the latest version of Unraid.
  2. I'm also seeing the same issue with the stats images not loading. Trying "vnstati" on the commandline returns: vnstati: error while loading shared libraries: libgd.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory So i assume this is why the images no longer load but a quick google about that error code and I couldn't find a fix unfortunately.
  3. Unfortunately no real findings from this, the only findings were that iGPU caused unraid to crash but as you said not applicable to you unfortunately. I just ran without using iGPU, then a couple weeks after upgrading to 6.10-rc1 i put the iGPU back on and had the same crashes again so have removed it and am currently using a spare GPU instead which seems fine. Did you get any logs that could've shown what was happening? I had a crash a week or so ago and the logs pointed to the fact that I was using a separate IP for a couple extra Plex containers. Stopped those containers as they were only for testing and it's been fine but was weird as they hadn't caused an issue for the weeks that i was using them.
  4. Had another crash shortly after my last post. Put my GPU back in and then removed all reference/usage of iGPU and I've now been up for 9 days with no crash. So for me the issue is related to iGPU with a 9700k on this box. Still very strange that my 2nd box which runs an i5 8400 (which seems to use the exact same UHD Graphics 630 iGPU) didn't crash at all on 6.9.x Theres not much else I can do now as I don't know exactly what with the iGPU is causing the crashes, unless anyone has any ideas for something to try. Thankfully that CPU is powerful enough to run without iGPU so I'll just be doing that for the foreseeable future, any new releases of Unraid I'll try swapping back to the iGPU and see if it behaves.
  5. Latest update, moved all my containers except plex back to the main box early/mid last week and still no crashes. Moved plex yesterday and this evening my box has just crashed again, definitely something related to plex & the latest unraid version. Could be iGPU related. I've pulled out my GTX GPU for now incase maybe it's conflicting with the iGPU (Which i doubt). If it crashes again which it probably will, next step will be removing any reference/usage of iGPU from plex and unraid and using software transcoding for a bit. Weird thing is that I had plex running absolutely fine on my 2nd box which also runs 6.9.1 and uses an iGPU for hardware transcoding.
  6. That's exactly what my entry in my go file looks like
  7. Interesting catch! Current update is that I brought docker engine online Wednesday and then brought a small handful of containers on yesterday (tdarr, tdarr-node, telegraf, bazarr & hddtemp) I'm going to get all my containers back up & running minus plex as thats the only one using the iGPU, if still no crashes after a day or two i'll start plex too. Should mention I'm using the hotio image for plex, although have been for the longest time with no issue.
  8. Quick update, currently at 5 days 13 hours uptime with no restarts/crashes. I enabled VMs Saturday evening and started up my single VM on that box. Tomorrow/Thurs I'll enable docker but without any containers and go from there. I also vaguely remember, when i was on the 6.9 betas i think my issue back then was actually a freeze like some people have reported, I'm sure i remember having to actually hold the power button to kill the whole system and then bring it back but then since 6.9 & 6.9.1 stable I haven't had to do that it's just restarting.
  9. Just a quick update, with docker engine stopped on my main box I so far haven't had a reboot since, 1 day 22 hours uptime which is the longest it's gone. Although will wait till at least a week uptime before re-enabling docker engine, seeing if it starts restarting again and work out what container is doing it. I should also mention there's a mix of people having their server hang and become completely unresponsive until rebooted and people who have their server just restart randomly by itself but excluding the reboot part the server is acting fine. My issue is the latter one, my server is completely "fine" beforehand, randomly reboots and then comes back up "fine" by itself and continues working. It doesn't hang and I don't have to powercycle it for it to come back.
  10. I did indeed get another crash since, I saw there was a new unraid release today so I tried that but still another crash since. I went to try safe mode but then found most of my disks don't show because I assume it's not loading the drivers for my LSI card so for now I've reverted to normal boot but with Docker engine turned off. Will see how that goes. Will also see if theres a way for me to just load the drivers for my LSI card so i can use safe mode but still access plex on a 2nd box using the files on the crashing one.
  11. Hmmm, that's interesting. Noticed we both have 1650 variant cards, could be something or could be nothing. Although checking now, i don't have the ICH Nvidia Driver plugin, i did have the original LinuxServer one but as i'm not using the GPU at the unraid level i've just removed it. Will see how my crashes go, if i get another one I'll try removing the GPU completely and if it crashes again i should have Plex & related tools setup on my 2nd box and i can try safe mode.
  12. Thanks for having a look Jorge. I will get it into safemode ASAP, just need to setup my 2nd box to serve my plex and see if it continues to crash.
  13. Hi All, I'm hoping you can help me. I've recently upgraded to Unraid 6.9.0 and since then I've been having regular occurrences of Unraid crashing/restarting. I'm not sure if its actually crashing but I do know it's randomly rebooting. As far as I know I've changed nothing between 6.8.3 which was completely stable and 6.9.0 which has had several restarts since. My box runs 1 Windows 10 VM with a GPU passed through for rarely used remote gaming and then the usual stack of media related containers: Plexs Lidar Sonarrs Radarrs Bazarr Jackett NZBGet Qbittorrent AMD (automated music downloader) Telegraf HDDTemp Intel-GPU-Tools Unpackerr Tautulli Tdarr Unraid-API My installed plugins I've seen are listed in the diagnostic info so I'll save posting those. I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary at the time of crashes, I've been fairly hands off Unraid the last few days. Most of these crashes I'm either in bed or just gaming (on my own PC not the VM), Unraid will just be running the same stack of VM/Containers outlined above that it has been doing for a while. I thought about rolling back to 6.8.3 so checked the "Update OS" page. I notice it shows 6.9.0-beta29 as my previous OS. I think this is because I used the old Nvidia plugin to revert back to 6.8.3 as I was 100% on 6.8.3 a few days ago. Seeing this though reminded me that I did try a beta version (I assume that beta 29) and had the same issue then as well. At the time I tried the following: Memtest for around 12 hours (not long enough I know but see next point) Swapped all RAM between my two Unraid boxes, original box continued to restart even with completely different RAM. Fiddled with XMP (Or the Intel term) I think I found this to cause it to crash less with it off? So it's been left off and from checking the current reported speeds in Unraid I believe it's still of. Bought new PSU, originally had a Corsair 650, changed to Corsair 750. I think eventually I gave up and moved back to 6.8.3 and put it down to beta issues but now it's stable I'm having the same problems. Since the latest crashes the only thing I've tried was to keep "Enable VMs" off. I'd noticed after one of the crashes that it had been forcibly set to no so thought maybe that was the cause but it's still crashing since. I updated to 6.9.0 (Not RC) 02/03/2020 - 15:09:19 Combing through syslog & my healthcheck notifications these are the times Unraid restarted unexpectedly: 04/03/2020 - 00:54 04/03/2020 - 00:26 03/03/2020 - 23:55 03/03/2020 - 21:01 03/03/2020 - 18:41 03/03/2020 - 18:26 02/03/2020 - 23:26 02/03/2020 - 20:31 02/03/2020 - 18:53 I've attached syslog files that are outputted to a 2nd Unraid server. As far as I can see they don't show much/anything at the time of restarts. There are lots of sshd lines littering the syslog, these are from my 2nd Unraid box checking if SSH is still active as part of my healthchecks. My apologies if it takes a while to sift through the syslog because of them. I've also attached the diagnostics.zip file. Hardware is: CPU: Intel i7-9700K (No Overclock) Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. - TUF Z390M-PRO GAMING RAM: 3x Corsair 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz. CMK16GX4M1D3000C16 GPU: GTX 1650 Super. IOMMU group is separated as i pass through this GPU to a Windows 10 VM. LAN: 1GB Motherboard Lan Port 1GB USB To Ethernet Adapter (This one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003EDY97A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) They are meant to be bonded together but I just noticed that the USB NIC isn't part of it so will fix that soon. PSU: Corsair RM750i Storage: LSI SAS 9211-8i 8-port 6Gb/s PCI-E (This one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LSI-SAS-9211-8i-8-port-6Gb-s-PCI-E-Internal-HBA-Both-Brackets-IT-MODE-P20/133048746300) 2x 14TB WesternDigital HDD 2x 12TB WesternDigital HDD 2x 10TB WesternDigital HDD 2x 8TB WesternDigital HDD 1x 8TB Seagate HDD 1TB Sabrent NVME 16GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB for Unraid OS No parity configured. I've googled for a few hours, found general threads around crashing on older versions mainly related to RAM or PSU which I hope I've ruled both out. I've been eagerly checking the latest threads to see if anyone else is having the same issue with 6.9.0 but it seems it's just me so thought I'd best just raise a thread myself. Please let me know if you need any more info & let me know if there's anything you want me to try or if the cause is something really obvious that I've missed. Thank you in advance. gdunraid-diagnostics-20210304-1401.zip Syslogs.zip
  14. Working perfectly now, thank you very much for such a quick fix!
  15. Thanks for working on that so quick, I can confirm that when I open the webpage for each API instance they correctly identify the other server as online/offline. Although it seems like the MQTT message that's coming in every 15 or so seconds no longer has the "On" entry, one of my messages: { "arrayStatus": "Started", "arrayProtection": "", "moverRunning": false, "parityCheckRunning": false, "title": "GDUnraid", "cpu": "Intel® Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz", "memory": "32 GiB DDR4 ", "motherboard": "ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. TUF Z390M-PRO GAMING, Version Rev X.0x", "diskSpace": "94.3 TB used of 96 TB (98.2 %)", "cacheSpace": "602 GB used of 1 TB (58.8 %)", "arrayUsedSpace": "94.3 TB", "arrayTotalSpace": "96 TB", "arrayFreeSpace": "1.7000000000000028 TB", "cacheUsedSpace": "602 GB", "cacheTotalSpace": "1 TB", "cacheFreeSpace": "422 GB" } Is that expected? Edit: It seems like it's only including "on" in the JSON if it changes state to "false". Rebooted one of my servers, saw the API change to show the server as off, checked the MQTT message and it included it setting to false. Server came back online, API changed to show the server as on but checking the MQTT message it didn't include "on".