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  1. Had another crash shortly after my last post. Put my GPU back in and then removed all reference/usage of iGPU and I've now been up for 9 days with no crash. So for me the issue is related to iGPU with a 9700k on this box. Still very strange that my 2nd box which runs an i5 8400 (which seems to use the exact same UHD Graphics 630 iGPU) didn't crash at all on 6.9.x Theres not much else I can do now as I don't know exactly what with the iGPU is causing the crashes, unless anyone has any ideas for something to try. Thankfully that CPU is powerful enough to run wit
  2. Latest update, moved all my containers except plex back to the main box early/mid last week and still no crashes. Moved plex yesterday and this evening my box has just crashed again, definitely something related to plex & the latest unraid version. Could be iGPU related. I've pulled out my GTX GPU for now incase maybe it's conflicting with the iGPU (Which i doubt). If it crashes again which it probably will, next step will be removing any reference/usage of iGPU from plex and unraid and using software transcoding for a bit. Weird thing is that I had plex runnin
  3. That's exactly what my entry in my go file looks like
  4. Interesting catch! Current update is that I brought docker engine online Wednesday and then brought a small handful of containers on yesterday (tdarr, tdarr-node, telegraf, bazarr & hddtemp) I'm going to get all my containers back up & running minus plex as thats the only one using the iGPU, if still no crashes after a day or two i'll start plex too. Should mention I'm using the hotio image for plex, although have been for the longest time with no issue.
  5. Quick update, currently at 5 days 13 hours uptime with no restarts/crashes. I enabled VMs Saturday evening and started up my single VM on that box. Tomorrow/Thurs I'll enable docker but without any containers and go from there. I also vaguely remember, when i was on the 6.9 betas i think my issue back then was actually a freeze like some people have reported, I'm sure i remember having to actually hold the power button to kill the whole system and then bring it back but then since 6.9 & 6.9.1 stable I haven't had to do that it's just restarting.
  6. Just a quick update, with docker engine stopped on my main box I so far haven't had a reboot since, 1 day 22 hours uptime which is the longest it's gone. Although will wait till at least a week uptime before re-enabling docker engine, seeing if it starts restarting again and work out what container is doing it. I should also mention there's a mix of people having their server hang and become completely unresponsive until rebooted and people who have their server just restart randomly by itself but excluding the reboot part the server is acting fine. My issue is t
  7. I did indeed get another crash since, I saw there was a new unraid release today so I tried that but still another crash since. I went to try safe mode but then found most of my disks don't show because I assume it's not loading the drivers for my LSI card so for now I've reverted to normal boot but with Docker engine turned off. Will see how that goes. Will also see if theres a way for me to just load the drivers for my LSI card so i can use safe mode but still access plex on a 2nd box using the files on the crashing one.
  8. Hmmm, that's interesting. Noticed we both have 1650 variant cards, could be something or could be nothing. Although checking now, i don't have the ICH Nvidia Driver plugin, i did have the original LinuxServer one but as i'm not using the GPU at the unraid level i've just removed it. Will see how my crashes go, if i get another one I'll try removing the GPU completely and if it crashes again i should have Plex & related tools setup on my 2nd box and i can try safe mode.
  9. Thanks for having a look Jorge. I will get it into safemode ASAP, just need to setup my 2nd box to serve my plex and see if it continues to crash.
  10. Hi All, I'm hoping you can help me. I've recently upgraded to Unraid 6.9.0 and since then I've been having regular occurrences of Unraid crashing/restarting. I'm not sure if its actually crashing but I do know it's randomly rebooting. As far as I know I've changed nothing between 6.8.3 which was completely stable and 6.9.0 which has had several restarts since. My box runs 1 Windows 10 VM with a GPU passed through for rarely used remote gaming and then the usual stack of media related containers: Plexs Lidar Sonarrs Radarrs Bazarr
  11. Working perfectly now, thank you very much for such a quick fix!
  12. Thanks for working on that so quick, I can confirm that when I open the webpage for each API instance they correctly identify the other server as online/offline. Although it seems like the MQTT message that's coming in every 15 or so seconds no longer has the "On" entry, one of my messages: { "arrayStatus": "Started", "arrayProtection": "", "moverRunning": false, "parityCheckRunning": false, "title": "GDUnraid", "cpu": "Intel® Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz", "memory": "32 GiB DDR4 ", "motherboard": "ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. TUF Z39
  13. Awesome! Both on both, one does have the VM service currently disabled but has an attached USB device regardless.
  14. As far as I can tell it only seems like the on check is incorrect. Its pulling down the other stats like name/array status/dockers correctly
  15. How does the "On" check work? I currently have two Unraid boxes, as the 2nd one has some containers that rely on the first one being up, when I reboot the first one I have to make sure I stop the specific containers on the 2nd one also. Saw this API tool and thought awesome I can just get something configured in HA/Node-Red to automatically stop the containers when I need to but the "On" monitoring seems to be a bit iffy. Originally I had an instance of the API on each box but only configured to point at the box it was hosted on, that obviously didn't capture "On: false" whene
  16. @Mister Pipps I was having the same error. Not sure if it's the same cause for you but It turns out discord has a character limits on the webhook. Seems to be around 2000 characters on each "description" field. In the last week I've had maybe 49 new shows/episodes which blew passed the limit on the TV show description field. Movies come in much slower so that was nowhere near the limit. To fix it i did the following: Under "Shows" I added "Define End Position > After [x] characters > 2000" to keep it at the limit and then also a "Define End Position > Crop last
  17. Is it possible to use age filters with this? I.e --filter "age < 30" https://www.filebot.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2127 When i try i get this in the log file: I have a feeling the " are being escaped or something, I tried doubling up on quotes and also trying ' but none worked so not sure what i'm doing wrong
  18. A lot of typical home grade routers don't let you set options 66 & 67 which are required for PXE booting. Googling your router make/model i came across this https://www.snbforums.com/threads/lan-dhcp-custom-option-43-and-others.47549/ The fifth post he details how to SSH in and set the two options, not sure if still relevant but worth a go.
  19. Just wanted to add my thanks for this image. What a powerful little addition. One thing that wasn't entirely clear when using Unifi USG was using netboot.xyz.efi instead of netboot.xyz.kpxe if you want a UEFI pxe boot, the efi image is mentioned further down but specifying the option to use it under the USG section would've saved me a bit of time googling how to get a UEFI pxe boot (once i found the USG section i didn't think to look further down). Having all the various linux OS and a myriad of tools is great, i have a few missing because I'm running UEFI but i can live without (A
  20. If you have the plugin installed you can see what version of drivers would install with what version of unraid, without actually having to go ahead and install it. Although to answer your question anyway it seems like the versions are: 6.6.7 & 6.7 - v418.56 6.7.1 & 6.7.2 - v430.14 All versions above (including RC) - v430.50
  21. But you're not able to set the two locations individually. I'd want the appdata for Nextcloud stored in /mnt/user/system/appdata, which is where i store all my other containers appdata and is backed by cache. Then i'd want the data of files i upload to be stored in /mnt/user/nextcloud. With everything in a single location it's difficult to do that, unless i set my nextcloud share to use the cache. It also means my nextcloud appdata files aren't backed up as they're in a different location.