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  1. @ironpfist - Thank you, I'm glad it was useful for you! Good idea! I haven't tested, but does clearing the inbox also clear the monthly usage? I think it still keeps count of how many emails have come in over the course of that month. Correct me if I am wrong, though and I will add that to the guide as a final step if it works differently than I imagined.
  2. Yeah, I got it setup and really like the Watching role that it assigns to users currently watching shows. The quiet hours idea sounds like it would work, if you ever add that, I'll definitely use it to it's full potential a lot more. Great job on this!
  3. If you are like me and don't like the idea of pushing Recently Added notifications to your Discord server for each new addition to your Plex server, I may have the solution for you. By the end of this tutorial, we will have a functioning notification that lists Recently Added shows and movies in 1 message, and fires off once per day - more on why I picked 1 time per day will come later in this post. It will look something like this: It does require multiple steps, but I will try and explain them as best as possible - if you have any questions about the process, let
  4. Hey there! Thank you for the wonderful work on this - I did have a question, though. I currently have customized Tautulli to send Recently Added notifications like so (it took me sending a newsletter to an email and then setting it up to be parsed into a Discord Webhook). I do this on purpose, I don't like spamming my discord with a bunch of notifications, and would rather have this fire-off into the server once per day. Is there a way for me to setup your bot to detect which shows are in this list and, in turn, tag that role? Thank you so much in advance!