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Hi all,


i'm in process of designing new hardware for the server and i would be glad if some suggestions/improvements are made if i'm on the right track regarding my needs especially around VM usage which i don't have on my current box because of the MB limitations.


What will be running on the server:

  • 20ish dockers. Plex being the most hardware intensive.
  • 1-3 VM used mainly for normal office work, browsing and maybe some light gaming 


VM's will be accessed through network as the server room is in the basement.


This is a list i've made so far. For storage i will use the HDD's i already have in my current unraid box.



What are your thoughts. Is this MB ok for all the pass-throughs needed for the VM's to work correctly.

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A few observations.


The CPU / board combination would benefit from quad channel ram so 4 sticks and 32M as a minimum. 

The RTX20xx range is being replaced right now with the RX3070 range where the RX3070 ~ RTX2080TI performance at 2070 prices so I wouldn't buy that generation unless it is very well discounted.


For Plex transcoding, I don't think the CPU has IGP so you are working with 1 GPU. if you pass through the GPU to plex, it's not available to VM's, if you pass through to the VM's, then plex can't use it. Favoured card for heavy plex usage is the Quadro P2000 as it has unlimitted streams whereas all other cards are limmited in software to 2/3.


How are you planning to use the VM's

Will these be used concurently .. multiple users etc. or are you just launching different VM's for different activities.


This is quite a high end setup for light gaming and a couple of work/browsing VM's. What is it that your current setup can't do?


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