What is the best online backup?


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I am looking at setting up online backup. I was looking at CrashplanPro for $10 a month and looks pretty good EXCEPT that its apparently extremely slow. I think the server would be in a constant state of backup. Crashplan says to expect the connection to allow for 10GB a day to be backed up. Which explains why peoples initial backups to Crashplan take months. However, even after the initial, the server would be in a constant state of backing things up and literally never catch up. When I save a single 4k blueray movie it will take around a full week for Crashplan to back up that 1 single file. 


I feel like I need something faster than that. I dont need anything blazing fast or super expensive.....but taking a week to backup a single movie is ridiculous. Like I said, the server will be in a constant and continuous state of backup. I'd rather setup backups to run at night so they arent using up our internet and cpu resources duing the day when demands are high and it just be finished by morning.....not the initial backup but I mean after that on a ongoing basis.


I'm curious what you guys are using for online backup......Is CrashPlanPro really the best I can do in that similar price range?



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Take a look through this thread from back when CrashPlan originally changed their pricing model and caused the exodus. The strategy I described back then is still pretty much what I do today, with the exception that I not longer use the ProFTPd plugin. It's been working great for 3+ years.



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