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This is a Discord Bot to harness Among Us game data, and automatically mute/unmute players during the course of the game!

Works in conjunction with amonguscapture. You will need to install the capture app locally to communicate with the bot.


Instructions on getting the bot token(s) can be found here. It is reccomended that you create two bot tokens on discord (the docker bot app will accept and run both) if you play with a full 10 person lobby as the Discord API has a rate limit that can slow down the muting and unmuting with just a single token. 


Have any questions, concerns, bug reports, or just want to chat? Join the discord at https://discord.gg/ZkqZSWF! or reply to this thread.

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So I have the docker working fine with the external port forwarded but I would love to get the communication going through my reserve proxy. I have Letsencrypt & nginx setup and I have my other docker apps working correctly all going through HTTPS. Any guidance on what the nginx config for this bot should look like? In this setup, what should the environment variables in the docker look like (eg should external port be 443)?

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My apologies for not responding faster, apparently I got unsubbed from the thread so I wasn't getting notifications. The developer has been releasing a flurry of new updates that have broken the bot on unraid at the moment. I am waiting for him to finish his slate of major updates before I work with him on fixing everything for unRAID. I will update this thread when that work is ready to commence. 

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They are still making major updates to the main bot. I have made templates for Redis and Galactus but have not yet gotten them to actually all work. Right now I'm waiting for the dev to hit a feature complete state so that I can work with him on creating a single docker image that we can use.

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