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  1. Hmm so I didn't do anything and it seems to be working again. It asked me to reboot again because of new nvidia drivers.. And I tried rebooting the server before and still got the same error.. so maybe the new nvidia drivers fixed it? I dunno
  2. HI there! So I'm getting this same issue now.. I wasn't before and I don't know what changed. When you say you changed hostname to device hostname, which do you mean? like if my unraid server was named bosh should i change it to --hostname='bosh' ? Thanks for any help!
  3. Hi there! I'm getting a clean version of Neverwinter Nights server.. but it's giving me this error --NWN:EE Dedicated Server not found, installing v8193.34!--- ---NWN:EE Dedicated Server not found, installing v8193.34!--- ---Something went wrong, can't download NWN:EE Dedicated Server, putting server in sleep mode--- is there something that needs to be updated? Thanks!
  4. So far so good.. I haven't rebooted the server but things look good. Using the miner's headless ghost plug I also turned on IOMMU.. which is different for all boards of course. https://us.informatiweb.net/tutorials/it/bios/enable-iommu-or-vt-d-in-your-bios.html Looks like it's been solid for two days.
  5. I tried one of the headless ghosts that was made for miners. Took about 10 mins and the GPU disappeared.. Removed GPUstats AND I turned on IOMMU and now it seems... stable? Well it's lasted longer then 5 minutes.. it's going on a half hour now. So usually when it fails it fails in the first 5 minutes. Fingers crossed I don't have to reboot for a while.
  6. OK will try them.. It'll be here Sunday
  7. These two https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077CY48RB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I plugged in both an HDMI and DisplayPort headless ghost dongle.. both failed.. back to having the video card disappear ..
  9. It is mining limited and after overnight leaving it plugged in with the monitor on, it's still working. I'll let you know on the ghost plug outcome.
  10. OK, so this seems to be it. As long as I have the monitor plugged in and on, it's fine. After a minute or so when I turn off the monitor, those RmInitAdapter errolr happens.. and when I turn the monitor back on, nothing comes back on the screen. So maybe it has something to do with how it goes to sleep and can't wake itself up? Maybe I will order that headless ghost plugin and try.
  11. OK so it happened again and I think I know why. When the setup runs headless, this happens. I just had my HDMI cable in my video card and it was working fine for a few days. Today I'm building a pfsense router and i took out the HDMI cable to plug it in to my pfsense box. That's when unraid starts giving the can't init adapter error and the nvidia card disappears. I might just buy one of those HDMI ghost plugs to see if that works, but I think if there's nothing plugged into the RTX 3060 Ti, after a little it'll just fail to be detected. Nope... it's happening even with it plugged in.. i give up. OK Maybe it's because I turned off the monitor.. I'm keeping the monitor on to see if it stays working.... So far so good..
  12. Ah yes that did it. When I did this I was able to import. Thanks!
  13. So I finally fixed my RTX 3060 Ti disappearing by just buying a damn new computer Went with an Asrock X570 and an AMD 5950X and now it all works.. Maybe it was just some hardware issue. but it's nice to be able to use this now without it disappearing
  14. Has anyone imported comics into this? I tried and can't seem to do it. I even put the files in the incoming directory and nothing shows up in the import screen. Thanks!