AMD & Unraid

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Does unraid work well with AMD system


Future build within next 10 months ->

Going with the AMD 5k series once it released, CPU on the list is just a place holder



AMD 5k series November 5, 2020

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I have a 2200G and a Asus prime 450.


Generally everything works.  But if I push the system say with sabnzdb (high cpu/disk) - then the whole thing takes a dump and dies with a random disk i/o error and I have to reboot and rebuild a drive. I've updated the bios, running a newer 5.9 based kernel.. to no avail.  Some others have no issues, maybe its the chipset?  My pre-ryzin AMD never had any issues - but now I'm going to bail and move to a Intel 1200 socket system.

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I'm on an AsRock x570 board with a 3950x and my system is rock solid.

But in general would recommend staying away from AMD video cards.
I had endless issues with a 5700xt which would cause random reboots when shutting down a VM with the card passed through. Also had issues getting the card into a low power mode (tended to pull >100W even if the VM was shutdown).
I believe this all comes down to the long standing AMD VFIO Reset Bug. There are patches for linux that work around this issue but last time I checked they are not in Unraid because they caused their own stability issues.
Interestingly I have a RX550 passed through to a VM which gets shutdown/rebooted regularly and has been flawless so go figure.

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Lolz, just looked at your parts list. We have a lot in common.

Here are some thoughts;
- Up the DRAM speed. The AMD CPU likes 3200MHz or even 3600MHz. I have 4x16GB of G.Skill Ripjaws 3200.

- Do use multiple HDDs for parity support.

- Consider an SSD cache in front of your main HDD array. I initially didn't have any cache but ended up putting a pair of (mirrored) 250GB SATA SSDs for better performance.

- I also had a second NVME drives, one dedicated for each of the primary OSs (Mac and Win10).

- Change your video card to something current unless there is a specific need for a Quadro

- Consider multiple GPUs and USB cards if you want to offer dedicated hardware to your VMs.


Also keep in mind the Define 7 XL is huge. I got away with just the non-XL.

Just my 2c :)


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