DNS Issues? (All of a sudden)


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Last night I was watching some things off of my Plex (ran through a docker). I got a new Roku soundbar in the mail so I hooked that up (took about 15 minutes) and then set it up and Plex would not load media on it. So I checked my phone and same results. I looked at unraid and it was up and running, everything seemed normal, Plex was running, but has no IP. The port is correct on it, and if I tell it to recheck sometimes it says it is avaialble outside of my network, but has no IP. Or some times it has an IP, but says it is not available outside of my network.

This morning I looked back at unraid and Fix Common Problems showed numerous issues. Unable to communicate with Github, Could not check for blacklisted plugins, Could not perform docker application port tests. 

It seems like a sudden DNS issue, but absolutely nothing had changed. I wasn't even at the machine when Plex originally stopped working. I'm honestly a bit lost here, I don't know what could have happened, any ideas?

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2 minutes ago, trurl said:

Have you tried eliminating that from the network to see if you still have problems?


Are you sure this isn't a problem with your ISP?

I have not, we've been watching Netflix, Disney+, and other things on it and everything else in the network has been working great. But I suppose I could try.

And it could be, but nothing else is having any issues and I am not using my ISP's DNS servers, using Cloudflare, but also tried Google.

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So after work I decided to bump my servers address up to from .14, but it had no effect. So then I swapped unraid to a dynamic address, as soon as I did that Plex came back online and everything was working. So I decided I would test it by putting it back to (it's original static address it has been on for over a year) and it worked just fine. Then a few minutes later stopped working again (was testing with a VPN to get out of home network). 

So I just set it back to dynamic and put an IP address reservation on my router for it rather than having it static from unraid. Been testing here for 30 min now and it is fine. I am not sure what is going on with static routes from unraid, but this will work and probably be a bit easier and more lenient down the road.

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On 11/13/2020 at 8:14 AM, 1Kurgan1 said:

So I just set it back to dynamic and put an IP address reservation on my router for it rather than having it static from unraid.

I might try this, i've been having the exact same issues. Every now and then Unraid will have some sort of DNS issue, switching back and forth between DNS IPs from the ones specified and Google have no affect. 


Hopefully setting dynamic in Unraid will help. 

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