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  1. Might be easier to just blow away Mariadb and reinstall container. Depending on how many databases you've got setup, but if you don't clear appdata and reinstall from CA Previous Apps if should be fine.
  2. Seems like an issue with your SQL database. Stop Authelia, force a manual update check on Mariadb and restart it, and then try to start Authelia.
  3. Yes, that's correct. All users will need to be specified that way and given a password that is hashed
  4. You won't typically get that error even if another application is using the same port. It will still add, it just won't start the container as something else is running. That error usually means there's an issue with docker image. But if it's working now, that's good.
  5. Can you send screenshot of your docker settings? And where you can see execution error
  6. You'll need post your authelia logs so I can see what the exact error is. Also I found that copying full config file and editing that worked best for me.
  7. Follow this video: Very good guide on how to set it up.
  8. Yes, just change the protocol to https instead of http. I've got it working on mine.
  9. I noticed this while checking the logs on swag, why does the cert use the most recent subdomain name listed in the container? As you can see the last subdomain I added was read (read.matchettmedia.com), and now that is being used as the certificate name? Can i change this to a wildcard cert or anything? *.matchettmedia.com, or is this how it's designed?
  10. I recently swapped out my Cache drive and moved all Appdata files to the array, Dashboard said the disk was empty and i couldn't see any files after checking in MC. But now I keep getting these errors from Swag. I've reinstalled the docker container but it hasn't done anything.
  11. Is there any way that I can monitor CPU usage and if it gets above 90%, shutdown a VM? Then if the usage dops below a certain limit - 15% - i can restart the vm again?
  12. Can you advise where to add this? I get lots of these errors in my .conf file.
  13. I resolved the issue by upgrading my router to a newer model and firmware. I'm now having no issues at all. As @groot-stuff mentioned, provide the DNS entries. Have you tried with and
  14. Open the config and you will see two lines like below: "proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstream_port; Delete $upstream_app and repalce with IP of HA instance. You'll need to do it for both. proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_port; (For example) Save config and restart SWAG.