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  1. I've tried installing this about 5/6 times but i don't get the option for WebGUI for some reason? I've enabled privileged mode and changed between Bridge and Host but still nothing.
  2. Sorry for not responding sooner, i've had a very long 2 weeks and i've done all i can think of to get this working again but having no luck. I've tested with DCHP from router, tested changing DNS to OpenDNS IP, Google IP and a whole bunch others. Each time i restart the server and check that it's saved correctly. I've tested with the array off and on, it will all seem fine for about 5-10 minutes after changing settings, but then it'll all fail again. I can't install any application, no dockers show any updates, i've also disabled all the user scripts and ran it with t
  3. Can someone help me. I've been unable to intall apps from CA for the last week and a bit whilst troubleshooting this issue. I keep getting this error: docker: Error response from daemon: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/: dial tcp: lookup registry-1.docker.io on read udp> i/o timeout. I've tried setting static DNS records in Network Settings but no luck.
  4. Are any of your other reverse proxies displaying the same connection error? Post the logs from Nextcloud docker
  5. I've had almost identical issues with my setup. I've tried to set my first DNS record as the router (as suggested) but CA still takes 60sec and then timeout. I've tested ping google.com whilst array is stopped and left it running to check changes when i start the array and it seems to not be able to connect once the array starts. ARP testing below. First is with Array Stopped arp -a took too long to load. arp -an was instant. curl was slow by successfull Second Image is Array Started arp -a slow but successfull arp -an insta
  6. I'm having a lot of issues with indexers just failing for some reason. Today all of them failed and i can't get them back up. I removed them all and added these three again to test, same thing. Logs below: 2020-11-27 17:31:50,777 DEBG 'jackett' stdout output: at System.Net.Http.DecompressionHandler.SendAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.DiagnosticsHandler.SendAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at CloudflareSolverRe.ClearanceHandler.SendRequestAsync(HttpRe
  7. I might try this, i've been having the exact same issues. Every now and then Unraid will have some sort of DNS issue, switching back and forth between DNS IPs from the ones specified and Google have no affect. Hopefully setting dynamic in Unraid will help.
  8. Thanks mate, i figured they were but had tried in the correct setup but was still failing. Turns out i had static DNS that was incorrect on the modem. All working now. EDIT: Literally a few hours later and it all stopped again. Seems to be a DNS issue with the Netcomm modem i'm using. I wasn't having any issues with the Netgear. But i wanted to NAT loopback features of the Netcomm
  9. I keep getting the error below. I've attached my port forwards. I've updated the DNS of the server to and, still nothing. I've recently moved house and using new modem. But it should just work with the same forwards?
  10. I've started the reinstall. Will see if this fixed the issue. FYI: log files prior to docker.img reinstalled added below. Edit: Reinstall of docker containers has been frozen on first container for about 10 minutes, will give it a bit longer. Edit2: Reinstall of containers failed for same reason. Now have no containers and can't reinstall any. Docker logs are showing lot's of i/o timeout issues zeus-diagnostics-20201027-1547.zip
  11. I'm having the same issue. Can you confirm by re-creating the docker.img that it fixed the issue with containers stalling on installation? I have about 15 containers that are running and i don't want to remove the docker.img if i can't install them back easily.
  12. Im also having this issue, all of a sudden deluge stopped downloading files, i can't install any apps. I've checked the network settings and cleared out DNS and re-entered, and same issue. Diagnostics attached. zeus-diagnostics-20201027-1547.zip
  13. I can't start my Array either. i ran New Config - to clear some empty drive slots and fix issue with parity, as a cable failed, now the array isn't starting due to saying too many devices added. Diagnostics added. Edit: I can actually see that the device thinks i have about 30 devices attached? I installed a HBA card and it's working perfectly fine prior to this. 5 drives are connected to MB and 1 to HBA. I plan to increase the license to Plus eventually when funds permit. zeus-diagnostics-20201019-1044.zip