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  1. Thank you for that Will give it a go if I cant get Letsencrypt working. Spent most of the day getting that very close just keep getting error 521 from cloudflare. Tomorrows another day will have a look when more awake.
  2. rilles could you please post your Caddyfile as I am not 100% sure where to put the "tls caddy-selfsigned.key caddy-selfsigned.crt" part. I have the Certs created and in my /mnt/cache/appdata/caddy. Also how did you manage to save the Caddyfile using vi ? When I amended the Caddyfile with vi I could not work out how to save it lol. Pressing Esc did nothing then any combination of the Alt Key seemed to do nothing much as well.
  3. Ahh ok thank you for that will do
  4. Hi can someone please take a look at my diagnostics file. I started a parity check and it came back with 513 errors on disk 1. At the time I had 3 VMs running they all started to act very sluggish and eventually unresponsive. So I went into the Web UI on Unraid from a remote PC I stopped the parity check and Disk 1 went with a red X. I know stupid idea to stop the parity check at that point. I needed access to the VMs thought it was just the parity check that was making the system unresponsive. My plan was to run Parity Check later that night when I was in bed. After that I reboot
  5. Getting same thing was happening with 6.8.1 and just updated to 6.8.2. I run 2 VMs they seem to run fine.
  6. Will do wont have chance to try it for a couple of days as I will be working. I do use pfsense to that would be handy. But to be honest not to fused as long as I can open a port for a few hours even a day would be fine. Then close it for the majority of the time.
  7. Thanks for the reply. If thats the case and I only need to open the port every 90 days that would be ideal. Guess I can try it either it works it it wont lol.
  8. First off thank you SpaceInvaderOne for the amazing videos helped me no end of times. I want to run a Bitwarden internally on Unraid which is fine i can do that no problem. But I also want to use Brave as its based on Chrome. Out of the box it will not work for a home server of Bitwarden. Due to something about how Chrome handles HTTPS. I installed Bitwarden on Unraid works great with Firefox but as I say I use Brave. It will work if I use a Reverse Proxy such as LetsEncrypt in your great video. Thing is I do not want to open any ports on my router I do not need outsid
  9. Think I might have fixed it. I turned off Vsync in Witcher 3. That seems to have resolved the problem. Played a good 40 minutes with out a freeze.
  10. After some more testing today. Witcher 3 runs for about 1 to 10 minutes. The the screen randomly freezes but the weirdest thing is I can still hear the music in the background and the game working normally. If I run around using the game controller I can hear my footsteps. The game is still working just the screen freezes only way to fix it is to force close the VM and restart it..
  11. Hi, could someone please help me. Ryzen 1700X 16GB Ram 11TB of Hard Drives 2 x 480GB SSDs for Cache 1 x very old AMD 5450 Graphics Card in PCIE slot 1 for Unraid to use plus my KDE-Neon VM. 1 x GTX1070 in PCIE slot 2 that runs Windows 10. I created a Windows 10 VM that runs Kodi to view my Movies. The Nvidia GTX 1070 is passed through that works flawless. Also installed Witcher 3 on that same VM and again I can game on it works perfect very happy with it. It will max out all settings if using it through my TV at 1920x1080. But I also like to gam