Upgraded CPU to Threadripper. 6.8.3

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So I just upgraded my server to a 3970x Threadripper and from what I have read I need the newer kernals to be able to read temps. And as 6.8.3 does not have the correct kernals I need to update to a beta build. But what build should I update to? Is 6.9 beta 1 really just 6.8.3 but with the new kernals? Or should I upgraded to a newer beta and if so why, or should I just stay on 6.8.3?



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I've been putting my head through my desk all weekend trying to get these little oddities with my new ThreadRipper 3970X build to work out right. I've been on 6.8.3 stable, which is on kernel 4.19 with my last build and everything was working fine. Stupid brain didn't put 2 and 2 together that new chips like new kernels. 6.9.0-beta35 is on 5.8.18, and it looks like 5.8+ fixes the issues I've been having, so I'm absolutely going to upgrade to the latest beta.


Standard beta warnings apply in that "You may lose data/things may explode and make you :(" however, I've used the Unraid betas in the past with little to no issues. I know that others have had issues, though. If you do go to beta, make sure your backup strategy is rock solid and there will be nothing to worry about.


EDIT: This appears to have been a very good thing for me to do. I am now able to pass through my USB controller and it works exactly as expected without totally wrecking my server and forcing me to hold down the power button... If only I came across the combination of the following reddit thread and this thread before wasting my entire weekend... >_<



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