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  1. I can confirm that today everything is connected and working correctly. Thanks Unraid Team for your hard work.
  2. Would be good to know what is the latest version - 2021.03.22.1700?
  3. So I went through and setup "My Servers". but unable to access it via My Servers. Unraid: 6.9.1 And Yes I have done the: I can access my server via my public_IP:my_port 254.548.14.74:1234 = remote access to my server works, but says "Access unavailable" (Not not my real ip, Made it up for security reasons) What am I missing?
  4. So I was on 6.9 beta 35 with the Plugin and all worked fine, booted to GUI locally on the server without issue, while still being used in plex and tidarr. Now I updated to 6.9.0 Stable and upon reboot it went into the GUI as expected, then I re installed the plugin, rebooted and I get the normal output for loading unraid but when it comes time to show the GUI i get a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner, but everything else works, its just no local GUI. I get GUI from my web browser, plex transcodes as before, tidarr encodes as before, VM pass though still works as expected. Everything works as before just the Local GUI no longer shows. I boot to Legacy mode, have 2 card installed, PCI slot 1 is the card used for Unraid/Plex/Tidarr. PCI slot 4 is passed through to my gamming vm.
  5. A my bad LOL. (And yes Legacy boot) I will repost in other thread once I find it.
  6. I do use the Nvidia-Drive Plugin, not the container. Been using it since you made made it. So I was on 6.9 beta 35 with your Plugin and all worked fine, booted to GUI without issue. Now I updated to 6.9.0 Stable and upon reboot it went into the GUI as expected, then I re installed your plugin, rebooted and now no GUI, but everything else works, its just no local GUI. I get GUI from my web browser, plex transcodes as before, VM pass thought still works as expected.
  7. Just updated from 6.9.0 - Beta35 (everything worked). So I updated to 6.9.0 and it booted correctly. Just needed to update the Nvidia driver, so I updated it and had to reboot. All went well except that not unraid on the server itself will not display the GUI, I just get a flashing cursor. I can access the GUI from another pc as usual, but I can no longer get the GUI on the server to display. It worked fine on 6.9.0 Beta35 using this plugin. but with the update seems something broke. not sure what. Thoughts?
  8. Just curious, where is it you find out what css was needed to make this work. I am trying to do other things in unraid and would love to learn. Also is there a way to add local picture files? I see yours all link to hosted files. I would like to be able to host my own locally from a share if possible.
  9. Im still confused by him. He does not want to update to 8.6.3 from 8.6.2 due to personal reasons. Yet he keeps saying the only thing it fixed was a venerability. So I guess that he needs this venerability? Maybe he found a way to hack unraid on the lower builds and now pissed because if he upgrades he would have to pay. There is defiantly something fishy going on. Maybe if he would just tell us the personal reasons we might be able to help him. INstead he keep complaining that they are improving unraid and making it easier. He could even reach out to the community to see if anyone else is on 8.6.2 with unraid installed and see if they will send him the files. But then again if he needs updated drivers one day he is out of luck unless he upgrades unraid to an newer build with the newer kernel's that the drivers would need. He claims he uses it for home movies and pictures, why does he even need the nvidia support then? I think he is doing some illegal stuff and it only works on the lower unraid version due to the vulnerabilities that have since been patched. This reminds me of the people who started to complain about windows and the new way licensing is done, because its harder to hack and make it activated. We just need to start ignoring him. this thread is not for this. let him start his own thread and complain over there and see if anyone else cares.
  10. @ich777 don't let DemonWarrior get under your skin. Some people just don't understand the difference between community apps and software companies. Its like getting mad at a software developer for not making it backwards compatible with windows XP. Tones of people still use it and refuse to upgrade to a newer windows version. This is not a developers issue, it theirs for not wanting to upgrade. I am sure you would rewrite the script if you were getting paid to do so. But why waste your time when you do it for free and only a small handful of people might need it. I see he keeps referring to personal reasons, wonder what they are. Seems kind of fishy.
  11. So I forgot to post the script, and have just updated it to cover a few areas that were not done. here is my script. Enjoy. If anyone can make an interface for this or does improvements can you tag me, would love to see what becomes of this. DESIGNED FOR BLACK THEME ONLY Instructions: To use this, be sure to install "user scripts plugin" then go to user scripts from the settings tab. then select "Add New Script" Give it a name "Color Change Script" and press ok. Now locate the new script and press the gear icon and click "Edit Script" Then open the text file below, copy everything and paste it into the script and save changes. Then you can manually run the script. Default is blue, but you can go back in and edit the script and select new colors (Top section of script, you will see the options). Note: After a reboot the theme will need to be applied again, as the changes are not save except in ram. To auto mate this, to the right of the run script button there is a drop down, click that and select "At Startup of Array" this will make the script auto run at the start of the array so you don't need to manually run it each boot. 2021 0125 - Version 5. Updated to fix Community Apps Plugin with not showing detailed description of apps correctly. ColorThemeScript v5.txt ColorThemeScript v4.txt
  12. I upgraded to beta35 and then setup the new video card. I will be binding the videocard to my vm here shortly. I will let you know if there are other issues.
  13. Yes Bio is set to IOMMU and set to enabled (Not Auto). However I had not tried "VFIO allow unsafe interrupts" (Did not even notice that option) and now it seems to be working with both being pased through. I will test more once windows gets installed and then pass through graphics, but nvme was found without issue and installing. Thanks so much for this info.
  14. GPU 0: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (UUID: GPU-5cfccbc3-f92f-4203-80c0-aabd87a7405e) GPU 1: GeForce RTX 2070 (UUID: GPU-d5863e19-c2ed-6e72-8b48-3f28a09eb25d)
  15. I have skipped that and tried just the USB and same issue. Anything I try and pass through gives the error.
  16. So not sure if this is a unraid issue, nvida driver issue, or a docker image issue. Hopefuly someone can let me know how to fix. My unraid has 2 video card connected. One is for plex and the other for a gamming VM when they fix usb passthrough issues. So I have plex setup to use GPU0 but it keeps using GPU1. I have verified that the Docker is pointing to the correct GPU, but its using the other GPU Here you see its using my RTX2070 instead of my GTX1050ti Here you see the GPU Ids that need to be passed through to plex: Note the GTX1050ti and here is my setting in Plex Docker. Note it shows the GTX1050ti
  17. That will have no effect on the USB that needs to be passed through. This seems to be an issue with QEMU needes to be updated within the code. Looks like there is another user that dug into this. Just seems odd other 35 beta users that do pass through have not reported the issue. I am trying to create a VM and it keeps failing, and nobody else seems to speak up. I was hoping it was an easy fix as I upgraded my server to also run a daily driver VM, but unable to set that up yet due to the errors comming up. Still looking for a solution
  18. Aw so im not the only one having issues. I thought it was just me, been trying to make it work for some time but over my head. If I run that script would that potentually solve the issue? (Knowing I would have to run it at each reboot.)
  19. So does nobody else have issue passing devices through to VM in the beta 35? Really want to get this working so I can make the VM my daily driver and Gaming Setup. I need to pass through an NVME that is group 14, and group 19 for my usb, and then I have an RTC 2070 to pass through for graphics. I have tried to just pass through group 14 and no luck same error, tried passing through just group 19 again same error. Have not tried graphics yet as I have heard that is best to wait until after you get the VM up and working corectly. Also here is my System info.
  20. Ya still did not work, but the new release you did seems to have done the trick. I can now mount unmount remove readd remount without issue.
  21. Ok I went into settings and clicked chnage UUID and got the following in the log. (UUID not changed). Tried removing drive, the added it back and then tried to chnage uuid. Nov 20 13:22:15 TOWER unassigned.devices: Changing disk '/dev/sdn1' UUID. Result: ERROR: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which needs to be replayed. Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before re-running xfs_admin. If you are unable to mount the filesystem, then use the xfs_repair -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair. Note that destroying the log may cause corruption -- please attempt a mount of the filesystem before doing this.
  22. So I have upgraded to Beta 35 and was transfering some files from a drive via krusader with the drive being mounted via unassigned devices. and that worked great. unmounted the device added more files to the drived from another pc, re added the drive to unraid and it shows up in unassigned devices, but when I click mount it tries and the just come back to the option to mount. I have tried this with several drives. the can connect the firast time, but once unmounted and removed I and then re added it cant be remounted. This is what the log shows when tryiong to remount a drive again Nov 20 13:09:49 TOWER unassigned.devices: Adding disk '/dev/sdn1'... Nov 20 13:09:49 TOWER unassigned.devices: Mount drive command: /sbin/mount -t xfs -o rw,noatime,nodiratime '/dev/sdn1' '/mnt/disks/WD_easystore_264D' Nov 20 13:09:49 TOWER kernel: XFS (sdn1): Filesystem has duplicate UUID 4e86ed38-0af8-4794-9635-dd5554fa7f1a - can't mount Nov 20 13:09:49 TOWER unassigned.devices: Mount of '/dev/sdn1' failed. Error message: mount: /mnt/disks/WD_easystore_264D: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdn1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. Nov 20 13:09:49 TOWER unassigned.devices: Partition 'WD easystore_264D' could not be mounted. Nov 20 13:09:49 TOWER unassigned.devices: Issue spin down timer for device '/dev/sdn'.
  23. Need a fix as I Need VM's with passthrough ASAP! I am trying to creat a windows 10 VM and pass through a usb and nvme, I went into tools/system devices and located the 2 I needed and checked them to bind to vfio and rebooted. Then went into the vm and tried to create the VM, but upon clicking create I get an error: Group 14 is my nvme that I want to use as my boot drive in the VM. I have tried setting the VM Settings to, Downstream, MultiFunction and Both in the options (A reboot between each try) and same result. Attatched is my diagnostics from after my last attempt with Both enabled. Also I have fast boot turned off, and boot into legacy mode.
  24. Ok I will repost there. Thanks