Need advice picking a new CPU

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I'm trying to future-proof my Unraid rig, currently running a J4105 build with 4 SATA ports, which is not near enough if GSuite would ever introduce a hard cap on their Drive space which would force me to rely on local HDD's.

Another problem I find with the J4105 board is that whenever a Docker container is moving or copying a file, the whole server becomes unusable, hence why I think an upgrade would be suitable.

My intention is also to hopefully be able to run a gaming VM (if I ever find the time) and run a game like World of Warcraft, but initially, I'd simply like to set up a rig capable of adding such hardware.


I'm currently running Plex (a maximum of three simultaneous users, hardly any transcodes), SabNZBD, Sonarr, etc. in Docker containers. I'd be OK with splitting work loads between the old and the new server, i.e. solely running Plex on the old rig and everything else on the new.


What should I consider? I understand that if I go with a Ryzen setup, I loose Intel Quick Sync which is good for Plex and will have to get a (2nd) GPU for transcoding, or eventually tell my transcoding users to piss off.

If I go with Intel, I'm likely going to pay more and lose gaming performance if I'm not mistaken.


Is there a better preference in this case?

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Just go with intel, low TDP and with an iGPU. For your use cases, i don't think you'll even care for performance hits (as long as you got decent amount of cores) because quicksync is so easy and you don't have to worry about gpu's until you get into gaming VM's. Plus (in my country at least) amd prices are bloated and stock is scarce.

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