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Application Name: multi-scrobbler

Application Site: https://github.com/FoxxMD/multi-scrobbler

Github Repo: https://github.com/FoxxMD/multi-scrobbler

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/foxxmd/multi-scrobbler

Template Repo: https://github.com/FoxxMD/unraid-docker-templates




multi-scrobbler is a web application for scrobbling music you play from multiple sources to multiple scrobble clients. It's aim is 1) to provide a self-hosted alternative to capturing track plays and 2) fill in the gaps for track sources and scrobble clients that don't have existing methods of communication.


I am the developer of multi-scrobbler. It is in active development and not mature code yet.


Current state of connectivity for m-s:


Track Sources (can capture plays from):

Scrobble Clients (can scrobble plays to):


Feature highlights of m-s:

  • Support configuration for single or multiple users (scrobble for your friends and family!)
  • Handles Spotify and Last.fm authentication for unattended use after first-time setup
  • Logs track discovery/scrobbles to rotating daily files
  • Configurable using JSON files or environmental variables (through Docker or Node)
  • Provides static web page for displaying source/client status, discovery statistics, and recent log activity







Configuration of m-s is done through JSON config files or through environmental variables (set in the unraid docker template). 


The CA template has default settings to map a config and logs directory. logs is optional and config is only required if you are using spotify.


There is a minimal setup example on the readme for using Docker to scrobble from Spotify to Maloja. In the docker example change the environmental variables into Variables in your unraid template.


Otherwise you can find examples of more thorough JSON setups in the configuration docs or in the kitchen sink example.


Support/Feature Request


Please feel free to give me any feedback on anything (unclear instructions, features you'd like to see, problems you are experiencing, etc.) as I am still developing this app. Please use github issues if you can as this will be easier for me to track.


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