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Hello, I'm new to UnRaid and need help with GPU Transcoding. When looking in the apps tab in UnRaid I cannot find UnRaid Nvidia app. I am trying to setup transcoding for Plex on my Nvidia Quadro 4000. I have tried to follow many guides but just cannot fin the UnRaid app when searching through the apps tab. I have had the Nvidia app installed once before but cannot find the github link that I previously used before to install it. I am using UnRaid v6.8.3. 

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32 minutes ago, Kastun said:

I am using UnRaid v6.8.3. 

This is your problem.  As stated in the new unRAID Nvidia driver support page you must be on unRAID 6.9.0 beta 35 to use the plugin.  It will not show up in Community apps unless you are running the appropriate version of unRAID on your server.


The prior community supported plugin for unRAID 6.8.3 has been deprecated by the author and is no longer available.

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