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Hey All,


Not sure if this is the place to put this or if this is even a thing but I would like to get some guidance if anyone can suggest or advise how to complete some media management automation. (if there is one already created happy to have a link of one to follow)


Now I know the whole Sonarr etc ones for looking, downloading content but due to my setup (everything is downloaded in another location and then put on my Unraid box) I'm looking for simply a content manager type app,


In short what I want to do, download a file, drop it in a folder, have the app see the file and move it to the relevant [Show]/Season [x]/ folder (rename the file would be nice but its a Plex folder so the display dosnt come into it too much as Plex shows all the content I need) 


From what I have seen things like Sonarr are all around downloading the files and then putting them in spots, (aka having to add the file to the library and then it will manage it vs a simple 'anything in this folder try and search and sort' 

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