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  • [6.12.4] Random crash after 1 month uptime

    Benjamin Picard
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    I used to have like 3-4 months uptime or more without problem.


    I upgraded the motherboard, ram and added some hard drivers 2 months ago and from there, i had multiples crashed and my system is unstable really often. 


    I thought everything was behind me before last night I had a crash during the night.


    Nov 3 01:50:26 Tower kernel: BUG: unable to handle page fault for address: ffffc9801d1b7a50


    Anyone can help me understand the crash? It was a 1:50AM when no one were using / accessing my NAS.


    The system was 100% unresponsive. I had to hold the power button to restart it.


    Can it be something related to the network that would explain that I can't access the NAS or the docker images when it crashed?


    I attached my syslog which was written to my flash drive.




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    I have indeed 128gb of ddr4 ram (4 sticks of 32gb 3600mhz). I should remove the XMP settings and set those to 2667mhz?


    Thank you for the quick reply.


    Edit: cpu is a 5950x

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    2 minutes ago, Benjamin Picard said:

    I have indeed 128gb of ddr4 ram (4 sticks of 32gb 3600mhz). I should remove the XMP settings and set those to 2667mhz?

    Correct, anything above that is an overclock, and a known issue with Ryzen that can cause data corruption.

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    Thank you Jorge, i will try that ASAP.


    I did move from 64 to 128gb doing that server upgrade. Moving from 2 to 4 sticks maybe caused some instability. I didn't know about that behaviour.

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